Fall 2014 November 1 Saturday (Gone Girl and Formula One)

39 degrees this morning. 56:02 minute walk, Three earthquakes in last 24 hours.

New month is here!

Aliene and I went to see “Gone Girl” last night. It is quite a movie to say the least.

We had listened to the book and so had a general idea of the story line. The movie was very true to the book. We really enjoyed the movie, it kept you on the edge of your seat!

Listening to “Lonesome Dove” and very involved in the book. I checked and it was written 29 years ago.

I was surprised that one of the more interesting characters was killed early in the book. Although it is 29 years old and I doubt that anyone who is interested hasn’t read it, I won’t spoil it in case you haven’t read it!

It makes me wonder how in the world people survived and made it back then. When I think of traveling through some of the country back then, I have to think these were amazing people.

Lonesome Dove pointed out the dangers of even the plains,which could be as dangerous as rivers, mountains and treed areas.

For some reason I am a “Formula One” fan, and I normally tape the races and watch them. (I especially like the announcers)

The Formula One race is in Austin Texas this weekeed. Some year I will try to a trend either the Austin Grand Prix or maybe the Beijing Grand Prix! Not on my “bucket list” , which isn’t a surprise since I don’t have one, I hope to attend some year.

Had my “field day” with my “lead” Friday and seemed to pass ok. I enjoyed it and learned a low.

Monday, I start working out of my home office. Normally I would have a “field day” 3 days per week (which actually includes several hours of office time) and a “office day” spent on research two days per week. Kind of depends on what works for me individually.

I am looking forward to it

That’s it for now, Saturday, November 1, 2014

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Fall 2014 October 31 Friday (Earthquakes, Mississippi River)

54 degrees this morning. 55:00 minute walk, Seven earthquakes in last 24 hours.

A year ago, I certainly never would have thought I would causally mention there were 7 earthquakes in the last 24 hours! One was a 3.4, the rest were in the 2.5 range. Really strange.

I haven’t felt an earthquake yet, may be just as good.

In Memphis they said “the big one” was coming sometime, not a matter of if, but when. It will probably liquidity the area around the Mississippi River.

I always loved to look at and drive over the Mississippi River. It held a certain magic for me, probably from reading Mark Twain.

I always thought about going down the Mississippi on a raft and I really don’t see myself doing that!

I always enjoyed the river cruises and seeing the changes in the river. The Mississippi is truly “mighty”.

I always liked the information about how much shorter time it was to go “down” the river than “up” the river (With versus against the current made a big difference.)

It’s Friday! Today I am going out in the field with my “Lead” who will observe how I do. It will be interesting.

Thursday I spent the morning in the computer class and then spent the afternoon in my home office preparing for today’s field day.

I probably spent too much time preparing (and will forget something), but doing it is how I learn. I think I am prepared,.

Watching the PBS show on “Roosevelt’s “ last night. (We had taped it several months ago.) Actually, we wanted the second episode. I knew a lot of it from reading the “Bully Pulpit” but it is still interesting.

Read an article in the New York Times about how “Red Bull” bought it’s way out of an investigation. (The “Red Bull” drink with a lot of caffeine. In spite of my love of coffee, I don’t drink any of the caffeinated drinks like this.). It was a story about how a number of “Red Bull” type businesses were concerned about the “investigation” of their projects..

They attended a national association of State Attorney Generals, spread some campaign funding around and suddenly the investigations disappeared! Really sickening. People elected to protect people are corrupted by campaign funding.

It is different working in my home office. I really enjoy ii. I just shut the door at starting time and work. When it is time to quit, I come out and that is it! A very short commute!
Halloween. We are planning on “celebrating” by going to a movie (“Gone Girl”, probably).

I am still not used to not working on evenings or weekends. While I have plenty to do anyway, I always start to feel a little guilty until I realize I’m not supposed to work evenings or weekends!

Actually, I love it. I feel like I am partially retired or something!

That’s it for now, Friday, October 31, 2014. Have a fun Halloween and a nice weekend!

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Fall 2014 October 30 Thursday (Computers, Peanut Butter and MPG)

Fall 2014 October 30 Thursday (Computers, Peanut Butter and MPG)

54 degrees this morning. 56:45 minute walk, five earthquakes in last 24 hours.

Reminder about Aliene and my new cell phone numbers. Our old numbers are disconnected, so if you need our new numbers let us know!

We decided to go ahead and change without keeping the old numbers, hoping that we could notify everyone.

I am looking forward to the iPhone 6 plus as well as upgrading my job phone to the iPhone 5 I currently use. (My cell phone is my business phones, I don’t have a business phone in the normal sense, since my office is in my house or in my car, depending on which day it is. )

I literally carry my office with me, with a computer, printer, files etc. when I am in the field. I stagger out to the car with my computer bag, lunch, a briefcase etc.

Somewhat like the “Lincoln Lawyer” (if any of you have read that), except I don’t have a driver, unfortunately!

Completed a day of computer training in the major program we use today. It was interesting. I know enough about it to know I don’t know , so I learned quite a bit since I knew what I didn’t know.

More about peanut butter in the book I am reading about peanut butter. I am currently reading about my favorite “Jif” peanut butter and how the brand developed and didn’t really take off until it was sold to Smuckers. (I normally eat crunchy, although regular is ok.)

I was surprised to reach that “crunchy” peanut butter was started several years after regular butter and wasn’t accepted well at first. (It is made by adding peanuts).

I have to admit I was totally disgusted by the announcing for the world series. Sports are sports, and routine plays are hardly something to act lit it its a miracle. The announcers were so poor, I should have shut the sound off. I can’t believe they had such poor announcers for the World Series.

We always tape the games (even sports), so we were able to speed past many of their inane comments.

Of course, I never liked the focus on announcers anyway, since I really don’t care what the announcer think.

Anyway, as I said about “sports are sports”, so I forget about it before I develop the incentive to write the company about my feelings, and I’m sure I will forget about it by the time anyone reads this.

One thing I have confirmed with the car is that “short trips” really do get much worse gas mileage. As I mentioned before, my car provides the “miles per gallon” after literally every trip. Short trips (say less than 5 miles) get about 50-60 % of the gas mileage of a longer trip. For example, my trip to work is about 13 mils and I get about 43 mpg.

However, on a short trip, I may get as little as 20 mpg, although normally a short trip is around 30 mpg. I’m not knowledgable enough to understand whey it is this way, although it might just be that a short trip measures different.

Cooler weather (meaning in the 40’s) is definitely here. I was surprised to get up Wednesday morning to 41 degree temperature and it stayed relatively cool all day. Although it was 54 degrees this morning, it felt almost as cold as the 41 yesterday due to the wind.

Another day of class today (Thursday).

That’s it for now, Thursday, October 30, 2014.

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Fall 2014 October 29 Wednesday (New Cell Phone Numbers)

41 degrees this morning. 57:35 minute walk, 2 earthquakes

Aliene and I have new cellphone numbers! If you need to know our numbers, please e-mail, text or call us (on our home phone) for the new numbers.

It feels rather strange to have to pause to remember your number instead of just rattling off the number. We had the previous numbers for almost 13 years.

Along with our addresses, Doctors, hair, stores, and numerous other changes, this qualifies as a major change.

I was surprised at how busy the store was. Mobile phone shopping is about like new car shopping used to be. You can feel the excitement in the air. Maybe not as much as when cell phones first came out and many people were getting their absolutely first new phone, but it is still there when you buy a phone.

I went ahead and upgraded to an iPhone 6, which will allow my work cell phone to jump two generations when it goes from a 3S to a 5 (that may be 3 generations). (The phone won’t be in for several days).

Our previous lines are disconnected, so if you need our phone contacts let me know!d

Completed my first full day in my “home office” today.. l really enjoyed it as well as getting a lot done! Everything actually went fairly smoothly. I still have some stuff to do, but overall it is set up well and will be an excellent office.

I found it was really nice to concentrate on a project, although I’m sure as time goes on I will miss the camaraderie of an office. I will have ample human contact the three days I am “out in the field”.

It always surprises me how fast time goes.

41 degrees this morning, but the wind wasn’t blowing. I dressed a little too warmly, it will take some time to adjust to how cold it is, especially with the wind.

I am not looking forward to the winter, but it is something I need to do to get through to the Spring!

Today I have computer instruction, both today and tomorrow. It is a whole new world using the programs. Although I have worked with them extensively, I expect to have a lot of my questions answered.

That’s it for now, Wednesday, October 29, 2014.

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Fall 2014 October 28 Tuesday (Selling)

Fall 2014 October 28 Tuesday (“Selling”)

61 degrees this morning. 55:45 minute walk, one earthquake

Wind still blowing hard this morning, making part of the walk more challenging than usual, but I need to get used to it!

Wind was blowing so hard Monday I gave up on putting the recycling out. Since covers aren’t provided, it may have scattered around, which isn’t the effect we are trying to achieve!

Of course, we will need to put the recycling into the garbage, so the recycling will now sit in a landfill forever instead of being recycled into something useful.

Wind kept up Monday, settled down Monday, apparently started back this morning.

I get very tired of banks, phone companies, credit card cable companies etc. taking EVERY phone call and trying to make a sales job out of it.

I had a question about my cellular phone bill. Although I got my question answered, I spent another 10 minutes declining their other services and finally hung up. Maybe rude, but I feel they were more rude to so aggressively try to sell me something I don’t need or want, especially when I called for assistance about something else.

Apparently someone told them if they were aggressive enough they could sell anything. It simply isn’t true. It may be counter productive, I am seriously thinking of switching my cell phone service, but I expect the same thing would happen with the new company.

I rarely look at Facebook anymore because I got tired of all of the creepy advertising and the “sponsored” Facebook posts, as well as Twitter. I limited my “friends” and am trying to avoid having any commercial “friends”.

Excited about the changes in my job. Tomorrow I have a “supervised office day”, computer classes Wednesday and Thursday, and then Friday a “supervised field day”.

Monday, I will start off on my own and my office will be in my house, so no more commuting! I will work in my home office two or three days a week and the other days in the field. It will be interesting and I am looking forward to it.

Really enjoying listening to “Lonesome Dove”. It is an amazing book and has plenty of thoughtful comments, relationships and situations to keep it interesting. I’m going to get a copy form the Library so I can look up some of the more thoughtful comments.

One of the aspects of audiobooks I don’t like is that you don’t have time to think about what you hear. The story of book just keeps moving on without a chance to ponder over a point.

One of the reasons I like to read a book while I listen to it, I am able to pick up on aspects of it I missed. I actually don’t do it very ofter due to time constraints, but I would if I could. I like listening while I walk and drive, regardless.

I am glad I decided to listen to Lonesome Dove, since I would have hated to miss it. I may never actually read it (although I probably will), at least I have an idea of what the book is about.

The book about peanut butter continues to be interesting. The author goes into details about the specific brands (Peter Pan, Skippy, Jif) etc. and goes into why there really is a difference between the brands.

That’s it for now, Tuesday, October 28, 2014

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Fall 2014 October 27 Monday (Wind)

Fall 2014 October 27 Monday (Wind)

71 degrees this morning. 55:48 minute walk, one Earthquakes

Weekend went by fast! Surprised to look up and realize tomorrow is Monday!

Every Monday morning, I am reminded of the extremely poor recycling program here. I just threw away another cart load of cardboard out for the landfill instead of recycling.

And, of course, in an area known for wind, they have open recycling containers and don’t provide covers!

Wind is high today, it was beautiful weather but the wind was really whipping around. Currently blowing about 22 mph, seems like it was higher yesterday.

Basically have our offices set up, with some trimming and changes as we determine how we are going to use the offices.

We purchased a scanner today, for Aliene to use to scan her family pictures and me for both pictures and documents that I don’t need to maintain paper records for any more.

Probably be a busy week this week, with a supervised “office day”, two days of computer training (more procedures with the computer) and a supervised field day Friday. Then, a week from Monday, I start out on my own, and my office is my home!

My office doesn’t have cable tv as such, so I bought an inexpensive tv antenna for the small tv I have in the office. I also have an “Apple TV” set up on it.

Anyway, I was amazed at how many “over the air” changes their are, something like 55 channels. Of course, most of them aren’t channels I would watch anyway.

Still trying to reduce what we have, I am starting to look at giving away items I previously couldn’t decide on.

I am thinking of sorting out one t-shirt and one hat every day, taking a picture of it, and giving it away or tossing it. It adds up. (Well, maybe one every other day, or maybe one a day at first.)

We found a new restaurant with gluten free and vegan menu’s. It is only a mile or so away, and is called Zoe’s Kitchen. We ate there this afternoon and enjoyed it.

The car has a neat little way of re-enforcing driving for maximum gas mileage. If I get over 40 mpg on a trip (this is from when the car starts to when it stops), it says something to the effect of “Excellent driving, your mpg was 40.1 or whatever. If you get less than 40 mpg, it provides you with the mpg, but acts kind of glum about it.

Not that I should care if a car praises me! (or doesn’t praise me for that matter.)

Aliene and I haven’t been to a movie for some time. We are going to try to go to “Gone Girl” this week or this weekend. We listened to the book and heard the movie was good.

“Lonesome Dove”, the book I am listening to during my walk, has taken some real turns. It is an interesting book. I think the total reading time is in the range of 32 hours, so I will be listening to it for some time.

One problem with the wind is if it really blows, in some areas I can’t hear the story or the book I am listening to, the wind is blowing so loud.

That’s it for now, Monday, October 27, 2014

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Fall 2014 October 26 Sunday (Peanut Butter)

Fall 2014 October 26 Sunday (Peanut Butter)

71 degrees this morning. 55:24 minute walk Two Earthquakes in last 24 hours

Supposed to reach 89 degrees this afternoon. Probably the last days of shorts, t-shirts and scandals for 2014!

Started reading a book about my favorite food, “peanut butter” (Jon Karmpner, “Creamy & Crunchy”).

It is interesting reading, I found that peanut butter was actually “invented” in the 1890s and first became popular at the 1904 Worlds Fair in St. Louis. Hydrogenated peanut butter was patented (by whom is still in disagreement due to the names used in the patents) in late 1920’s.

I remember peanut butter from when I was a child (It was my favorite food then also) and somehow I had envisioned it had been around forever.

For a number of years I quit eating peanut butter because of the calories (which it dos have!), but several years ago I started eating it again, life is meant to be enjoyed!

Actually, I don’t eat “peanut butter and jelly sandwiches” anymore, I rarely eat jelly anymore (a great loss, but jelly/jam does just have too many calories), but I eat peanut butter on apples (for breakfast) and on celery and carrots (for lunch).

I have been known to (and do) eat peanut butter on hard boiled eggs and other combinations.

Very rarely (usually when eating out for breakfast) I will have peanut butter and toast. We don’t have bread around the house, so I never eat a PB sandwich at home.

I really love peanut butter with honey, but it just has too many calories to eat often.

Aliene is still feeling better (her headaches have even decreased a lot) after the second “nerve block” shot. Hopefully the effects of the shot will continue to be positive.

Getting our offices set up today, finished moving items around, although I”m sure it will be a continuous process.

Wonderful weather today, as I expect it is in most of the country. I am sure it will turn sometime to much cooler weather.

I really like the weather for walking, bicycle riding etc. It is just so much more pleasant in warmer weather

As I have mentioned before, I rejoined Toastmasters and have been becoming more active in speaking. Monday I am the “Toastmaster”, which basically just means I run the meeting.

I had forgotten the preparation involved. Although not a lot, it is difficult to do at the last minute, so I need to prepare in advance.

I have never appreciated the ability to do something at the last minute, I always like to be prepared well in advance. I could never understand how someone can wait until the last minute to prepare something. More power to them if that’s the way they work best, but I could never do it!

I think I”ll go have a hard boiled egg with peanut butter on it!

That’s it for now, Sunday, October 26, 2014.

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