Fall 2014 November 28 Friday (“Progress”-Positive and Negative)

Fall 2014 November 28 Friday (“Progress” -Positive and Negative)

44 degrees this morning, 58:10 minute walk, five earthquakes in past 24 hours

Wind this morning made the air seem cooler and harder to walk.

Good Thanksgiving. Great visiting, great food and great weather!

In spite of my better plans, I dd eat too much. I took a little bit here and a little bit there and it added up to a substantial amount!

However, it really was a one-time meal and I understand medical evidence is that one splurge won’t hurt you. At least that is the way I read the study, although I may have had some wishful thinking!

The thumb/finger print opening on the iPhone is actually working well. I think I was pressing too hard before this or maybe it learns.

I really like the screen because it is big enough I can see everything well, although I didn’t realize I had a problem with the screen size on the old iPhone! Handling the size takes a little getting used to, but I really like it.

Looking forward to another three days of options, since I am off Friday and the weekend.

Thinking of the difference between Thanksgiving 2014 and the earliest Thanksgivings I remember.

Computers, Cell phones, “smart” phones, better weather forecasts, safer cars, routine air travel etc.

Probably a lot of advances or inventions that are so common I don’t even think of them any more.

I think the major disappointment is the lack of advancement in “driverless cars
 and air travel I really thought that by the time I was this age, cars would be driving themselves and we would be flying a lot more for long distances.

Instead we are basically driving the same type car (although vastly improved) as we did back them and I”m not really sure if air travel has actually improved or not.

Obviously the advancement in computers and cell phones is the biggest change, although cultural and social changes were also major changes.

Also, the rise of terrorism was certainly not expected. I guess no one thought such low life murderers actually existed.

I still remember my high school English teacher say that “no individual would ever invent anything major” again. And that no major new fortunes would be made by individuals! Absolutely wrong on both parts!

There obviously are a lot of other changes no one really expected.

I can remember when I was a kid. I did imagine GPS in cars, automatic breaking when getting too close to another vehicle, spy camera from outer space and drones Now that I think of it, I even had an imaginary terrorism group, although they didn’t have the human cruelty that exists and I considered them more as a lawless element.

We are actually getting to the point where individuals can actually be tracked like envisioned by many science fiction writers, and some entity can follow us and see us at all times, perhaps even worse than that envisioned by science fiction writers.

I think the chances of this actually happening will happen based on “good intentions”, not some evil controller. More on this another day.

That’s it for now, Friday, November 28, 2014.

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Fall 2014 November 27 Thursday (Earthquakes, Thanksgiving)

Fall 2014 November 27 Thursday (Earthquakes, Thanksgiving)

33 degrees this morning, minutes walking, 13 earthquakes in past 24 hours!.

I recently heard a speech where the speaker emphasized the tremendous increase in earthquakes in the past several years (it was like an increase of 1,000%).

He said “fracking” probably wasn’t the reason for the dramatic increase in earthquakes.

He said “salt water disposal wells” probably is the reason. While I don’t know that much about it, he said many of the salt water disposal wells go to the depth of the earthquakes.

Again, I don’t have any idea if he is correct or not. He said an oil well pumps 10 barrels of salt water for every barrel of oil, so that is a bunch of salt water.

If they could desalt the salt water, that could be a real benefit!

I may do some research on this, at least quickly scan available information on it.

Thanksgiving Day today. We are going to a family gathering, which is always enjoyable.

I have decided to start faithfully using “My Fitness Pal” to document everything I eat, or at least most of it. It computes a rough estimate of the calories you eat, as well as exercise etc. (All of my exercise burns about a candy bar.)

A primary purpose is to keep tabs on my carbs, fat, sodium etc. that I eat.

Thanksgiving may not be the best time to start this, but I have to start sometime!

I have to revise some of what I said yesterday about the Apple iPhone 6. I tried using the “thumb or finger print” opening today and it worked about 90% of the time, so it may be I didn’t give it a good chance. It is convenient.

I went to Apple store today about iTunes and found some changes I hadn’t been aware of, minor things like the locations of indicators etc.

Minor things can make a big difference sometimes! Especially minor things you don’t know!

I always say anything is easy once you know how to do it!

While at the Apple Store I looked at the Nest Thermostat and smoke detectors. I was very impressed, to say the least, after my experiences with smoke detectors and, to a lessor degree, thermostats.

Spent the day catching up on my “field days” Monday and Tuesday. I really enjoy it the work, both the office days and the field days. I think they offset each other so I don’t get bored or tired of doing the same thing.

Believe me, no two days are the same!

Looking forward to four days “off”. I think it isn’t the time off as much as the feeling I have the chance, whether I use it or not, to get some things done I have been planning to do etc. I actually look forward to the work and starting work each morning.

Wishing you all a happy Thanksgiving.

That’s it for now, Thursday, November 27, 2014

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Fall 2014 November 26 Wednesday (Thanksgiving, Apple Products)

44 degrees this morning. 55:10 minute walk 12 earthquakes in last 24 hours!

A Wednesday that seems like a Friday! Although i enjoy my job, it will be good to have a break.

Thanksgiving has always been a special kind of holiday. When we were kids, I know we frequently visited on Thanksgiving and one of my early memories is relatives getting caught in a snowstorm and having to stay in town because they couldn’t get out.

fI think Thanksgiving is simpler than the other major holidays and may carry fewer expectations that you “have” to enjoy it, so you may relax and enjoy it more.

As I mentioned, this will be the first Thanksgiving in 13 years we didn’t travel to OKC for Thanksgiving, so it will be different.

The weather has been wonderful, a little cool, but that is expected this time of year.

We live about a mile from a major mall, so I expect we will need to learn to deal with heavy traffic until after Christmas.

Hopefully out travel patterns will be different enough that we won’t have to deal with too much traffic and we are close enough to the mall, we can go at odd times if we need to go (although we aren’t planning on going).

I want to go the Apple Store tomorrow for training, so I am hoping the traffic isn’t too bad.

The Apple store is located at “the” mall to shop at, and of course, it has the least parking. Parking there is madness to say the least after Thanksgiving, and even on normal weekends and weekdays it is bad enough.

For some reason I have been having problems downloading from iTunes, and also I wanted to review the setup on the phones.

Last night, my iPad rang and it was actually a call to my business phone, which for a number of reasons I don’t answer after work hours. (There is an override for VIP’sI).

Rather irritated at Apple Computers on several fronts. My iPad Air has relatively small storage, so I had to delete some items to make room for an update.

After it started updating I noted the update didn’t even even apply to this iPad! Why in the world wasn’t Apple apple to determine that and now bother me with it? It is just wasting a lot of my storage!

Also, I learned my lesson and I am getting my devices with more than minimum storage!

I like my iPhone, but it is very irritating to have to use the pass code (or the finger/thumb print that really doesn’t work that well anyway) every time I go out, for even a second. I probably will just eliminate the password to avoid the aggravation, which also means I can’t use the “buy with Apple” feature. I’ll redo my print and see if I can get it get it better.

They need to have the option of a 15 minute “open” window, to many people are going to eliminate the password.

Somehow it seems that technology companies frequently just outsmart themselves or think they need to control too much.

I got my first Apple spam with a link (either a virus or some type of spyware, I’m sure), so maybe they need to spend more time on preventing that rather than attempt to over control the users!

I have been using the search engine “DuckDuckgo” which doesn’t track your usage. I think it gives a a more varied selection of results than Google does and isn’t so targeted to Amazon et.

Wishing all who are reading this a happy Thanksgiving!

That’s it for now, Wednesday, November 26, 2014.

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Fall 2014 November 25 Tuesday (Holiday Music, Gas, Decorations)

Fall 2014 November 25, Tuesday (Holiday Music, Gas, Decorations)

34 degrees this morning, 56:10 minutes walking, seven earthquakes.

Holiday music is here! I happened to pick up my first “commercial free” holiday music this morning and I am excited to be able to listen to it for the next month!

I had planned to listen to my Spanish cd this morning, but as soon as I heard the holiday music, I was hooked and listened to it all day.

I heard “WinterWonder Land”, Twelve Days of Christmas” and many others and the first of what I am sure is the first of many “Santa Baby”.

One year I actually found a number of internet stations that have Holiday music all year round. I decided to just enjoy it for the month or so around Christmas.

I’m not sure what I like about Holiday music, but it is always a welcoming sound to hear the holiday music sounds.

At a Christmas party one year at work, one of the events was for different people to sing parts of “the Twelve Days of Christmas”. Every time I hear “The Twelve Days of Christmas”, i remember some persons involved in singing.

Weather, while cool, has been relatively mild. The wind is really what makes it so bad.

I got gas for $2.31 today (and saw it for $2.28). Gas in my “territory” where I work is about 10 cents less per gallon than it is where I live, so I have been waiting until I drive to my territory to get gas!

One good thing about having a hybrid with over 600 miles range on a tank of gas is that I don’t need to get gas often, so I can plan on where I get it!

I tend to be loyal to 7-11, since they maintain a reasonable difference between the cost of “regular” gas versus “premium” gas, which our other car requires.

At times, we would pull into a station and the advertised “regular” would be a low price (say $3.21) but premium would be $3.81. At 7-11, premium was always about .20 above regular gas.

Oklahoma City for some reason was especially bad about that, in some cases advertising “regular with Ethanol” for (say) $3.21, and having “regular without Ethanol” marked up to $3.71 and then pricing premium off the “regular without Ethanol”, resulting in even “premium with Ethanol” being priced at .60 or even .80 higher.

Anyway, even though I saw cheaper gas today (and it irritates me that 7-11 doesn’t take American Express), I stayed loyal to 7-11.

Interesting day “in the field” today. I am finding that every day is definitely not the same! I run across something new almost every day, if not almost every customer.

Aliene is decorating the house (inside) for Christmas. She has a number of decorations she puts out for every season, with of course, Christmas being having most of the decorations (with Fall/ Halloween a close second, I believe).

It is fun to see some of the same characters and decorations come back each year, usually with one or two new ones and one or two that go away.

34 degrees this morning, but seemed warmer than that. No wind is probably the reason it seemed warmer.

That’s it for now, Tuesday, November 25, 2014.

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Fall 2014 November 24, 2014 (Exercise Water Leaks and Time)

Fall 2014 November 24, 2014 (Exercise, Water Leaks and Time)

40 degrees this morning. 56:41 minute walk, four earthquakes

The “short week”, off Thanksgiving and day after. Will be interesting that we are “home” for a long holiday. Hasn’t happened for 13 years as I mentioned yesterday.

Maybe I can finish up some books this weekend!

Also, I want to get back on a more rounded exercise program. I may cut back my walk a little so I can also ride the bike on a daily basis and also I want to start “bench pressing” again.

I have kept up a little, I do 40 situps and barbell exercises with relatively light barbells (20 lbs). My weight bench actually has mushrooms growing out of the bottom, although the cold weather killed them. (That is the truth). Not quite sure how that happened.

I do my weight exercises outside so the bench is exposed to the elements so to speak. It is about 8 years old, so it has a right to be a little worn and have some mushrooms! It has been outside the entire time and I doubt if they are built to be outside.

It has been an excellent weight bench.

Anyway, I am looking for a “bench press bench”, so I can start adding bench presses to my routines. I think my walking and bicycling are adequate for my legs.

I miss swimming. The addition swimming pool is right across from my house but it is a “summer only” pool. There are some exercise places close but…

The nearest YMCA is just a little too far for me to want to drive it every day.

Aliene is going to start walking and exercising again when she gets her neck and back problems worked out, so that may help us decide.

Anyway, if I can get the “bench press bench” and get my punching bag set up, I can see what I can do, as well as reschedule my time so I can ride my bike every day (although it is a little more of a problem to ride the bike versus walking on a really bad weather day.)

Don’t recall if I mentioned it, but yesterday morning I was walking and heard a “rushing sound”. At first I thought it was a really weird wind storm, maybe even a localized tornado, but it was a huge water leak.

I called the water leak in and saw the crews out fixing the water leak later in the day. This kind of weather they have a lot of water leaks.

Plan on going back to visit friends in Memphis in several weeks, looking forward to it. It will seem unreal. When we go back it is just like we have never left, it is so natural to be with them.

We have lived here a little over five months now. Don’t mean this in a negative way, but it seems much longer. I have actually only been working at my current job for almost 3 months.

I really enjoy it, but it seems like it has been longer.

Of course, time goes so fast that soon it will be 5 years that we have lived here and five years in my job. Time just screams by.

Sounds like it may be another nasty day tomorrow. Today wasn’t too bad, although we had some strong winds come in.

I will be “in the field” Monday and probably Tuesday, depending on the administrative work involved.

That’s it for now, Monday, November 24, 2014

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Fall 2014 november 23 Sunday

54 degrees this morning 58:06 minutes walking two earthquakes

A good day Saturday, although it probably didn’t do my weight control any good! I was relatively controlled except for the two pieces of cake, the ice cream and Doritos! And the wonderful cornbread muffins.

All items I have a problem resisting. But it isn’t an everyday thing, thank goodness.

I always enjoying hearing what has happened with everyone since we last met.

We went to the Plaza area to pick up some Christmas presents we had ordered. It is always amazing to me when I see a previous area that was deteriorated, to put it lightly, and now it is a thriving shopping and eating area

It looks like it has a good mix of companies and person involved in the businesses and the area should maintain well.

I’m not sure what makes it (redevelopment) work, but I would sure like to know! It takes more than just money.

Yesterday was a relatively warm day, but it rained early and was cloudy and rather nasty. Today will likely be the same, although I don’t think it is supposed to rain until this afternoon.

While walking this morning, I heard a “rushing” sound, almost like a strong wind. I really expect to walk into a high wind.

Instead, it was a huge water leak, which was coming out of the pipe and going down the drain.

When I got back, I called the water emergency line and reported the leak. While this time of year they have a lot of leaks, I expect that is one they will want to fix as soon as possible.

Walking when I do (around 3:15 a.m. or so) gives you a special perspective on the neighborhood. I see very few cars, although there are “regulars” that are either going to work or coming back.

Saturday and Sunday morning there is frequently a lot more traffic, probably due to Friday and Saturday night.

I note garage doors open (normally two or so a night), loose dogs and the occasional cat.

Cats seem to run their own patterns, although they seem to have regular handouts.

Occasionally I will meet another exerciser (normally a runner) although not every day.

There is a newspaper that is delivered in the north area of the neighborhood at that time. I’d like to find out which newspaper is being delivered so I could subscribe to it if it was a newspaper I would like to read.
I still miss getting the papers early in the morning. There are a lot of alternatives (read it on the internet, read the previous morning papers etc.), but nothing beats actually reading the paper.

Actually, USA Today I like better on the internet than the actual physical paper (the content is about 80% different than the printed newspaper) The Walll Street Journal is aiso good on the iPad..

I have also started looking at “Flipboard”, but I tend to spend too much time on it.

That’s it for now, Sunday, November 23, 2014

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Fall 2014 November 22 Saturday

62 degrees this morning. rain, no walk, 1 earthquake

The weekend is here! We have the periodic “birthday” party (today) for persons whose birthday is within a month of so of the date. It is fun to remember birthdays, but not get overwhelmed by celebrating them on the exact date.

It is good to celebrate immediate family members on the exact day, but beyond that it is nice just to remember and acknowledge it.

Birthdays do make you realize how fast time goes, especially when you see how fast children grow up!

I always like New Year Day or even New Year Eve to reflect on the past year and the coming year or years.

I understand the reason I noted for the difference in earthquake count (local and from “Oz Earthquakes) is that “Oz” app only includes earthquakes over 2.5. Other counts may include earthquakes under that.

Gas is getting so low here, I almost fill up even though I don’t need any. I saw $2.25 pre gallon the other day.

Only cheap if you review it in comparison to what i has been. It was at least close to 3.60 for a long while (and even more for premium. Our car uses premium and we easily could pay around $4.00 per gallon.

The hybrid will make up a lot of difference, especially if the gas goes up, but it is even making it substantially cheaper now.

So far I have averaged around 36 mph which isn’r bad.

In addition, the electric motors provide excellent pickup. I don’t understand whey, but from the
Prius, I knew the pickup was good and it is really good on the Camry. I have a lot of fun with the “electric vehicle mode” where I can travel around on just the electric motor and use no gas at all. Of course, it doesn’t last for all that long before it kicks back into gas mode, either from the speed or the battery is low.

Ron, Sara and Peter were here and helped put up the last major picture (my painting from Arizona). It is nice to get the ones up we have to get up.

Surprised at rain and relatively warm weather this morning. Would have enjoyed the walk.

It is strange that when I can’t walk, I think of “everything I can get done” with the time I save. Guess what? Of course, I fritter it away, in a sense.

On the other hand, maybe it is good to have some time to fritter away and I get something done I need to get done that I don’t know I need to get done. So to speak.
Watching my “time shifted” programs of boxing. I don’t know why I like it, it isn’t the type of thing I like, but I especially like the lessor known matches. I think it may be the psychological aspect of it. I know it is a lot of a lot of promotional hype also, but I kind of enjoy that aspect also.

The Christmas/Holiday season has started. It will b a lot different than in past years since we won’t be making the trip from Memphis to OKC for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

We will have soon lived here five months. Somehow it seems like we have lived here longer. Not a value judgement, just an observation.

We are looking forward to seeing our friends in Memphis in several weeks when we make a visit there.

That’s it for now, Saturday, November 22, 2014

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