Fall 2014 november 23 Sunday

54 degrees this morning 58:06 minutes walking two earthquakes

A good day Saturday, although it probably didn’t do my weight control any good! I was relatively controlled except for the two pieces of cake, the ice cream and Doritos! And the wonderful cornbread muffins.

All items I have a problem resisting. But it isn’t an everyday thing, thank goodness.

I always enjoying hearing what has happened with everyone since we last met.

We went to the Plaza area to pick up some Christmas presents we had ordered. It is always amazing to me when I see a previous area that was deteriorated, to put it lightly, and now it is a thriving shopping and eating area

It looks like it has a good mix of companies and person involved in the businesses and the area should maintain well.

I’m not sure what makes it (redevelopment) work, but I would sure like to know! It takes more than just money.

Yesterday was a relatively warm day, but it rained early and was cloudy and rather nasty. Today will likely be the same, although I don’t think it is supposed to rain until this afternoon.

While walking this morning, I heard a “rushing” sound, almost like a strong wind. I really expect to walk into a high wind.

Instead, it was a huge water leak, which was coming out of the pipe and going down the drain.

When I got back, I called the water emergency line and reported the leak. While this time of year they have a lot of leaks, I expect that is one they will want to fix as soon as possible.

Walking when I do (around 3:15 a.m. or so) gives you a special perspective on the neighborhood. I see very few cars, although there are “regulars” that are either going to work or coming back.

Saturday and Sunday morning there is frequently a lot more traffic, probably due to Friday and Saturday night.

I note garage doors open (normally two or so a night), loose dogs and the occasional cat.

Cats seem to run their own patterns, although they seem to have regular handouts.

Occasionally I will meet another exerciser (normally a runner) although not every day.

There is a newspaper that is delivered in the north area of the neighborhood at that time. I’d like to find out which newspaper is being delivered so I could subscribe to it if it was a newspaper I would like to read.
I still miss getting the papers early in the morning. There are a lot of alternatives (read it on the internet, read the previous morning papers etc.), but nothing beats actually reading the paper.

Actually, USA Today I like better on the internet than the actual physical paper (the content is about 80% different than the printed newspaper) The Walll Street Journal is aiso good on the iPad..

I have also started looking at “Flipboard”, but I tend to spend too much time on it.

That’s it for now, Sunday, November 23, 2014

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Fall 2014 November 22 Saturday

62 degrees this morning. rain, no walk, 1 earthquake

The weekend is here! We have the periodic “birthday” party (today) for persons whose birthday is within a month of so of the date. It is fun to remember birthdays, but not get overwhelmed by celebrating them on the exact date.

It is good to celebrate immediate family members on the exact day, but beyond that it is nice just to remember and acknowledge it.

Birthdays do make you realize how fast time goes, especially when you see how fast children grow up!

I always like New Year Day or even New Year Eve to reflect on the past year and the coming year or years.

I understand the reason I noted for the difference in earthquake count (local and from “Oz Earthquakes) is that “Oz” app only includes earthquakes over 2.5. Other counts may include earthquakes under that.

Gas is getting so low here, I almost fill up even though I don’t need any. I saw $2.25 pre gallon the other day.

Only cheap if you review it in comparison to what i has been. It was at least close to 3.60 for a long while (and even more for premium. Our car uses premium and we easily could pay around $4.00 per gallon.

The hybrid will make up a lot of difference, especially if the gas goes up, but it is even making it substantially cheaper now.

So far I have averaged around 36 mph which isn’r bad.

In addition, the electric motors provide excellent pickup. I don’t understand whey, but from the
Prius, I knew the pickup was good and it is really good on the Camry. I have a lot of fun with the “electric vehicle mode” where I can travel around on just the electric motor and use no gas at all. Of course, it doesn’t last for all that long before it kicks back into gas mode, either from the speed or the battery is low.

Ron, Sara and Peter were here and helped put up the last major picture (my painting from Arizona). It is nice to get the ones up we have to get up.

Surprised at rain and relatively warm weather this morning. Would have enjoyed the walk.

It is strange that when I can’t walk, I think of “everything I can get done” with the time I save. Guess what? Of course, I fritter it away, in a sense.

On the other hand, maybe it is good to have some time to fritter away and I get something done I need to get done that I don’t know I need to get done. So to speak.
Watching my “time shifted” programs of boxing. I don’t know why I like it, it isn’t the type of thing I like, but I especially like the lessor known matches. I think it may be the psychological aspect of it. I know it is a lot of a lot of promotional hype also, but I kind of enjoy that aspect also.

The Christmas/Holiday season has started. It will b a lot different than in past years since we won’t be making the trip from Memphis to OKC for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

We will have soon lived here five months. Somehow it seems like we have lived here longer. Not a value judgement, just an observation.

We are looking forward to seeing our friends in Memphis in several weeks when we make a visit there.

That’s it for now, Saturday, November 22, 2014

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Fall 2013 November 21 Friday (Cold, iPhone 6)

47 degrees this morning. 58:00 minutes walking three earthquakes according to “Oz Earthquake” app, but I heard a local news report there were 16 earthquakes either yesterday or the day before.

I don’t know why I always walk slower (or at least take more time) in winter than in summer. Obviously some of it is the clothes etc., but it seems as if I actually walk slower in winter, I think because of the cold.

Also, it is rather strange, but the cold seems to take on a different nature in the winter. For example, I dressed this morning (47 degrees) a lot warmer than I did for the same temperature a month ago, but I didn’t feel like I dress too warm now or not warm enough then.

It is almost like the cold, when it comes, tends to become ingrained, or just a part of the overall atmosphere, it is hard to explain.

The same thing happens in the Spring, when the cold seems to linger on forever. The warmth of the summer doesn’t linger quite the same, but it is the same concept.

Got my new iPhone 6+ last night. It is nice, haven’t really had a chance to look at tit yet.

I am looking forward to looking at it and playing with it. It does appear to be much easier to write on.

One of the decisions is what type of case to buy, if any. I haven’t decided on a case yet. My current case has a pocket for my license and several credit cards on it. I liked it because I always keep track of my phone, my license and credit cards, so it is good to have them in one place!

Also, somehow they did this and made the case slim and not overwhelming.

For some reason, the phone service did not get transferred from my “3G” to my “5”, so I am still using the 3g for my work phone. I should be able to get it resolved today.

Have a “birthday” gathering together this weekend. Should be fun, especially since almost everyone is here this time.

Sill finishing up transferring things to our new environment. Bank accounts, etc. and then have to worry about getting W-4 a;mounts at the end of the year.

Have an appointment with my new eye doctor (routine test). The first time I went to an eye doctor, they “over dilated” my eyes, so I had could hardly see to drive home.

The last one we saw in Memphis was really good and we will miss him.

My day “in the field” yesterday went well. I enjoyed working with the people and the process. One of those days when everything goes right, but still something tends to pop up to take up your time.
The major problem appears to be the amount of administrative time required. Not a “problem” as such, just part of the job, but I need to learn how to estimate the amount of administrative (paperwork) time required.

I planned to go out today again, but the administration involved is enough I’ll probably make this an office day. It’s not really a “problem”, it’s just part of the process and understandable, but I just need to figure out how to estimate the time required.

I probably still “over plan” for going out in the field, but I am beginning to understand what I need to do and what is important.

That’s it for now, Friday, November 21, 2014.

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Fall 2014 November 20 Thursday

38 degrees this morning, 57:02 minutes walking,
(Earthquake app not working this morning-Maybe an earthquake damaged it!)

Got a shock yesterday when I realized (through Ken asking me if I had posted a blog Sunday) and I apparently wrote it and then simply forgot to post it, or more likely was in a hurry and just missed doing it.

Unfortunately, I didn’t save it as a document, so it is gone forever.

Hopefully it is not a sign of age! I actually have been making little “forgots” like that all my life. We were going to go to breakfast and I wanted to leave early and I apparently just got in too much of a hurry!

Thursday already. Busy day today as I got my first set of my “own” accounts to work. Of course, I tried to do all of them on one day (it is actually about a months work normally).

I’m sure I will learn to pace myself! Some of the accounts can take 45 days (including waiting time) to actually complete so it’s not cut and dried. Others are handled in a matter of minutes.

There actually is a set of priorities since, depending on the type of account, i have guidelines on how long some of the accounts are supposed to be worked.

I have discovered the pleasure of a bottle of “Gold Peak diet sweet tea” . Almost sounds like a contradiction in terms (an oxymoron perhaps) but it is wonderful. I was surprised to find it is made by Coke. There is no indication on the bottle.

I only drink one per day (normally when I am “in the field” as part of a lunch desert. My “lunch” (in the field) normally is a small container of salt free cashews, peanuts etc. and a breakfast type bar, followed by a bottle of Gold Peak dies sweet tea).

Depending on the situation, i occasionally will stop at McDonalds for a parfait and coffee or Taco Bell for two “frito burritos” and a cup of coffee.

Oddly enough, Taco Bell has one of the best cupa of coffee of any restaurant, and I am a lover of great coffee. They brew a “single cup” and so it is really a fresh, great cup of coffee. McDonalds also has good coffee, as long as you ask them if it is fresh. (95% of the time, they will say “I’ll make a new pot”, if it isn’t fresh, which has endeared me to McDonalds coffee)

Taco Bell brews it a cup at a time and, thus far, it has been perfect.

I became attached to “Sweet Tea” in Memphis (where they really know how to make tea!) when I got a glass by accident. Until I stopped as a weight saving practice, I always got sweet tea.

So, I am so glad to find a diet sweet tea I like!

Somehow, when I am “in the field” I become like everyone else working here. Somehow you become involved in the process and rarely actually take a break or stop for lunch. I get wrapped up in the process.

Even if I stop for lunch, I work during lunch, usually on my computer, trying to catch up with the paperwork.

There is a LOT of documentation and paperwork involved in the process (whether in the field or in the office) and a slow computer connection is a real aggravation. Wifi is usually great, but the “air card” is slow and we frequently lose the connection.

Weather is back to “normal” (at least for here), which is nice, although i am already ready for Spring!

I am sure there will be a few more “winter events” to live through before summer comes. That is another beauty of the “home office”, I don’t need to worry too much about the weather since my “commute” involves just going into my office!

That’s it for now, Thursday, November 20, 2014.

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Fall 2014 November 19 Wednesday

Fall 2014 November 19 Tuesday

40 degrees this morning. 56:03 minutes walking, four earthquakes

Snow and ice are almost gone, thank goodness. The temperature got up to at least the high of at least high 40s yesterday.

It felt good to walk again, and to get back into listening to my story.

The security alarm problem was resolved due to some diligent people. A man with the alarm company told us how to replace the battery.($30 rather than probably $125 for a service call).

The clerk at Radio Shack advised us how to put it back in and pointed out something that had caused problems for other persons.

I haven’t bought anything at Radio Shack (or even thought about it) for years, but I was very impressed with their service and customer service. Maybe the company will make it after all.

Great, helpful and courteous people tend to counterbalance the greeds at the airlines who keep raising fares and fees in spite of lower fuel cost and the turkeys who use the “beeping” system for batteries going out!

The tv cable specialist came out yesterday and gave a through examination of the cable tv system.

Basically he just said the problem was a “software” problem, created by upgrades etc. In other words, they can’t do what they promise the system will do. Somehow, that just doesn’t seem ethical.

How can they continue to advertise their system will perform certain functions when in fact it isn’t capable of it?

I just am getting a full load of work, so I am ready to swing into action at my job. While I have been working a number of cases, I am just getting assigned in my name.

It is fun partly because it is almost like working a puzzle, with the idea finding the appropriate steps to resolve the case.

Every case is unique (since each one involves people and individual circumstances) which is what keeps it so interesting!

Getting set up with a myriad of Doctors etc. Nothing wrong (I hope), just finally getting established with Doctors in the event I do need them.

For some reason it seems like it should be later in the week!

That’s it for now, Tuesday, November 19, 2014

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Fall 2014 November 18 Tuesday

24 degrees this morning. 0 minutes walking!, four earthquakes

I am beginning to wonder if my “weather app” is stuck on 24 degrees! Although most of the ice and snow is gone, there is enough left that I didn’t walk this morning.

This is the type of cold that seems to get into your bones and stay there. I remember one winter it seemed the only way I could really get warm was go to the sauna and get really hot and even that was a short-term solution.

It is actually supposed to warm up some today, so at least all the snow and ice will be gone.

Aggravation again, when the security alarm started beeping at 3:15 a.m. Fortunately I was already up, but I can’t believe the incompetence of companies who would design such a system.

Makes the “Next” smoke and thermostat systems look good. We just don’t know if it would be worth the expense of installing and then removing and installing the old systems when we moved. (Right now it would be worth it. I don’t have any idea how to stop the security system from beeping short of ripping it out of the wall!, and I”m not real sure reborn that would work.)

What in the world were they thinking? It would be worth getting a Next just to get back at the companies who would design such a sadistic system.

Hopefully we can get ahold of he alarm people today, maybe they know how to install the “Next” systems.

I was able to reduce the beeping by turning it “on”, but it still beeps occasionally. Again, what tin the would were they think gin when they designed such a piece of junk? That we have batteries on hand? We can’t even change the battery on it! We have to call the security people for it.

Ron and Vicki (Aliene’s son and his wife) are visiting from Cleveland, so it is nice to have them for a visit. (Hopefully the alarm won’t wake them up!)

Planning a “field day” today. (At least I will get away from the alarm beeping. ) I think we can get the security people out here today to get the battery changed.

The hospital we are using (or rather than medical doctor) uses a web page for communicating and providing lab results etc. Actually works very well, once we get used to it and realize that is what we have to use! We can always call of course, but this provides the information in a central area.

I can really tell the difference when I can’t walk. I feel like I am missing something, which I guess I am.

That’s it for now, Tuesday, November 18, 2014.

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Fall 2014 November 17 Monday (Snow, Jack Reacher, Music)

Fall 2014 November 17 Monday (Snow, Jack Reacher, Music)

24 degrees this morning. 0 minutes walking!, five earthquakes

Snow yesterday, so no walk this morning. It wasn’t a huge snow, but there is ice on the ground.

Normally, I would call this an “office day” (regardless of my original plans), but I have (or may have) a special assignment today, so I may need to get out in the weather. Not really that bad, but….

Unfortunately, the shots Aliene had in the head (they had to really hurt) didn’t resolve her headache problem. I know she is getting very tired of it, I don’t see how she stands it.

She has to call the Doctor back this week and he will advise her of the next step.

I started reading an “escape reading” book by “Lee Childs, and his character Jack Reacher in the book “Personal”. He has written 19 Jack Reacher books and we have read all of them. He is kind of a “no miss read” like Tony Hillerman used to be.

I am enjoy reading it and will probably sneak in a chapter whenever I can!

Jack Reacher is an interesting character. He is an ex military Major and he does not have a permeant residence. When he needs a change of clothes, he simply buys new ones and throws his old ones away.

Of course, he either gets involved in problem activities or he is called to resolve a problem

I went ahead and prepared my cassette tapes (all 200 or os of them) to be donated, and I felt a great relief at not having to deal with converting them to MPC or CD. If I am missing a song or album enough,I will simply buy it and download it

I do plan on checking my CD’s to make sure they are burned to iTunes so I can donate them.

Thinking about it, we don’t listen to a lot of music anyone. When we are in the car, we are normally listening to an audiobook.

I normally listen to an audiobooks when I walk, although i listen to music when I ride the bike.

When I drive to work, and my driving for work (I can easily spend two hours of drive time during a work day), I do listen to music (or news on XM radio), but I am so erratic in my listening, it is simpler to use an iPod (or listen to XM) since I am likely to listen to anything from classical to electronic dance music to country music to rock.

When I take my nap in the morning before I go to work (I take a 27 minute minimum nap after breakfast), I listen to a wonderful album of a violinist playing the “Four Seasons”. It is a great album. (Vanessa-Mae, The Original Four Seasons and the Devils Trill Sonata)

My favorite instrument is the violin or fiddle (or related string instruments). Something about it just really appeals to me and always has.

I may set up something to listen to music while I am in the office. I haven’t really decided yet, I don’t want to have anything that will disrupt my work, but I think some light music could help my productivity or perhaps increase my creative approach to resolving problems.

I now have my winter clothes out and an in winter mode”. Hopefully I will be able to get back to warm weather mode soon!

Keep warm and stay safe on the roads!

That’s it for now, Monday, November 17, 2014.

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