Summer 2015 July 7 Tuesday

72 degrees this morning. Rain last night, so not walk this morning, too much mud in the streets.

Relatively nice this morning, as I sit on the patio writing this. Rain has stopped.

Looking forward to the Courter Reunion. I enjoy seeing everyone again and it is a chance to just relax and talk to people. Since it is a weekend event (not just for an afternoon), you feel like you have a chance to talk with everyone and not feel hurried.

It is going to be in a new location this year, and it should be interesting to be in a new area. I just remembered I had a dream about a number of my relatives last night who normally attended the Reunion and can’t attend this year.

Of course, the sad part is the family members who can’t attend, the good part is seeing and hearing about the year from people I have literally known all my life (or for the younger ones, I have known them all their lives!)

Looking back on my life, I have moved fairly frequently, including changing schools (but not moving) in the 5th grade. (I actually attended a one-room school my first floor grades) I can still remember the name of my teacher.

We actually moved to another city in the 7th Grade for one year and then moved to another city where I went to 8th, 9th and 10th grade, and then another city where I went to 11th and 12th Grade.

Of course, I never will know the impact of moving on my life, whether it was positive or not.

I do know, especially in the case of Lakeland, we would have missed knowing some wonderful people if we hadn’t lived there, and I know we would have missed knowing them1

All of this to say it is nice to have known some people all my life, many of whom I will see on a yearly basis, or at least every several years.

Busy “field day” yesterday. It is strange how they are all so different, but somewhat the same.

It is somewhat of a community of people who come and go, maybe somewhat like a spaceless city, a city where I am the main connection between the people, but they only know me and only in that one narrow way, kind of like a train that comes through a city. I wonder if the postal carrier’s, FedEx people etc. feel that way?

Anyway, I wanted to note a dream from yesterday.

Dream 7 6 15

Dreamed I was living (or staying) in a rooming house, apparently run by my Mother.  

There were a lot of actions about trying to find the right clothes to wear and interactions with residents.  This included ironing clothes, trying on clothes etc

A lot of different residents, but I don’t recall who they were or what role they played. 

Somehow Angela was also involved in keeping things gone.

The action appeared to be on keeping my clothes clean, i kept getting them wet or dirty.

At one point, I noticed a pair of slacks  was worn out, but somehow got fixed.

In an entirely fantasy part of the dream, I was leaving (for work?) in a car on the second floor of the rooming house and I  was trying to get around a truck so I could drive down the stairs.  Strange thought!

At the last part of the dream, I had a pot of coffee I didn’t like and I threw it out (downstairs) into an overflowing sink (that I thought someone else had left) and of course when I threw it in the sink, it caused more water to spill, mostly on my clothes.    
While it seemed a second story, it was almost like an attic.  Reminded me off our  house Miltonvale Kansas a long, long time ago.  (I was in the 7th g r a de)

A dream so vivid, after I was awake and I had to keep reminding myself it was only a dream.  

That’s it for now, Tuesday, July 7, 2015.

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Summer 2015 July 6 Monday

79 degrees this morning. Walk 42;19 minutes

Good July 4 weekend. Some relaxing moments, and also got a lot of moving done. Yesterday we completely rearranged the garage so the cars fit in better, and it ended up being much better for everything.

Monday morning, I am looking forward to starting on a whole new bunch of “tasks” at work. As I mentioned before, it is like Christmas in July to have new “tasks” to work, finding out what the problem is, meeting the individuals involved, seeing a new business etc.

The actual implementation isn’t always fun or easy, but it always is interesting and is something new.

I am watching the reaction to the Greece vote with interest (and some dread) in the stock market, probably will be wishing I had sold and converted my retirement accounts into cash!

Of course, as I have been bemoaning the emphasis on short-term everything (investing, earnings, politicians and short-term time frames etc.). I probably need to take a long term vision of the entire situation.

While the actual action in Greece probably isn’t that significant, it could be one of those events that have much more results due to the interpretations of the event which cause it to be a significant factor in the world economy.

Sometimes, as I get older, I both the short-term and the long-term are almost equally important, with the fact that you have no idea how long the long-term actually is! Of something like that.

During my walk this morning, I was dismayed again at the way the builders here not only violate the erosion control regulations, they also violate common decently and the concept that you don’t put other people in danger. I am taking pictures of the mess.

One building even left a bunch of pallets on the street, which toppled and are a real danger, plus the many builders who leave the streets rutted and looking like a county road after a concrete truck went through the mud.

Hopefully the City will get things cleaned up.

I am thinking I need to call one of the TV or newspaper “action lines” about the mess the builders make and their absolute ignoring the safety of the public and residents.

Today is “bulk trash” day where the city picks up anything, and they mean anything. That is a great idea, but it also creates problems when residents put out boxes and trash that blows around, falls into the street etc. That is more understandable than the actions of the builders who know better and deliberately ignore the law.

It is rather strange, the sun is supposed to come up about an hour earlier here (since it sets hour later) than in Memphis, but I really don’t notice the difference in the early morning (I am up then and notice it).

I am going to try to start work earlier this morning. I have a lot of items I have to print out on the day I serve them, so it takes time to get everything printed, doubted checked for correctness etc. and still get out and visit everyone.

That’s it for now, Monday, July 6, 2015.

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Summer 2015 July 5 Sunday

77 degrees this morning. No walk due to mud in the streets from irresponsible builders/fireworks debris.

Had an excellent July 4, except for several rains leaving the streets in the addition like a county road, muddy with red dirt from irresponsible builders.

Took pictures and filed complaint with the City, but I am thinking it is time to contact the builders directly and ask them to be more responsible.

Coming back last night we noted residents (illegally) shooting off fireworks in the street, so I assume they didn’t bother to clean up after themselves either. (Fortunately, it was in an area we normally wouldn’t go through except we were trying to avoid the mud from the normal way we came in.) However, it is part of my morning walk and another reason I decided not to walk.

I realize this (irresponsible builders cutting corners on erosion control etc.) is normal, it doesn’t mean I have to accept it without a fight! Of course, that doesn’t mean I don’t resent the time it takes to have to deal with their illegal and irresponsible behavior. Hopefully I can get the neighborhood residents to get involved also.

We finished putting books on bookshelves, putting knick knacks up, putting items away etc. We actually have very few boxes of items left, but of course they are the hard ones to decide what to do with, or the ones that are going to take some time to deal with.

One issue I have to decide on today is my “punching bag/speed bag” holder, which is an ungainly item and takes up a lot of room. I have to decide on whether we have room for it, or I have to take it a apart (which probably means I will never put it together again) or we need to find another home for it. Ditto with the bike rack, except I do know I want to keep it.

Aliene is great at organizing and she has some ideas, so we may try that first. My idea is that eventually I can set the punching bag up again and use it, but it might not work out.

We didn’t go to a fireworks show as such yesterday, but where we went for family July 4 meal was in an area where fireworks are legal (or at least not banned), so we got real fireworks shows around us all evening!

The mud in the streets etc. makes it more important for me to check out the 24 hour gym which is about a mile (actually about 1 1/2 miles from our house). Unfortunately, as is typical for this city, there is no good way to walk or bike there, but at least i can drive and get somewhat of a workout.

I still like the concept of the YMCA, although it opens too late for me for morning exercise and doesn’t have very good weekend hours. But it does have a swimming pool and other good facilities. I may have to adapt my morning schedule if i want to swim in the morning. Fortunately my work hours can be flexible if needed.

We have now lived here for a year (in this area) and I have been at my new job for 10 months as of July 2. As I have noted before, I couldn’t have fallen into a better job, or probably one I wold like more.

We i took the job, I was also talking to a consulting company about consulting work (including interim City Manager positions, grant applications, special projects etc.) but I had already accepted the position. Probably a good thing, at least at this time.

Three day weekends always seem to go so fast, here, then gone before you know it!

That’s it for now, Sunday, July 5, 2015.

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Summer 2015 July 4 Saturday

76 degrees this morning. 41:51 minute walk.

Had to dodge the ruts this morning on my early morning walk. There was so much mud and dirt on the street from the storm water violations that I felt like I was walking a country road!

Hopefully, the builders will do their duty or the City will come out to give citations, or both.

I have to think that a builder who will “cheat” on storm water regulations will also cheat on the house and woe to the person who buys that house.

I can’t ride my bike since it would be too dangerous, a rut or loose sand or mud would probably throw me.

The condition of the streets is disgraceful and reflects on the builders and the houses in the addition.

Put together our final set of bookshelves yesterday, unpacked and shelved most of the remaining books (and discarded a few more to be donated to the library).

I still have some “misc” boxes to go through, which I am sure will be harder than the books. This includes items I will use “sometime” (although I’m not sure if I will live long enough, no matter how long I live to use all the pens, stickies, pads etc. I have!), souvenirs, gifts, impulse buys etc.

I plan on taking the attitude that if I don’t use it, it goes. Exceptions for the Hot Wheels/Matchbox cars, hats and t shirts!).

I also have an abundance of exercise items. Several years ago, I tried to buy the “high visible yellow” (appears green) clothing for exercise and couldn’t find any. Of course, now it is common but I am stuck with some exercise clothes that will never wear out but is not high visible yellow or “high tech”.

I do adapt a little by wearing a vest or a sleeveless high visible yellow jersey over the darker clothes.

Actually I do have a lot of “breathable” clothing. For years I collected cotton etc. t-shirt to use in exercise but now they aren’t really usable for that since I am used to the breathable t-shirts.

I am amazed at the number of unsolicited calls we receive on holidays, weekends (even early Sunday morning). We have adopted the policy not only don’t we buy from unsolicited calls, we won’t even talk to them. If it is one of those with a long pause (showing a machine placed the call). I simply hang up. I hang up on any mechanical call.

If it appears to be a live person (and I really don’t know), I politely say I’m not interested and don’t call again.

Going to note a dream I woke up with this morning. Usually I don’t remember my morning dreams since by the time I get to my computer I have forgotten it.

Dream 7-4-15

Dreamed was in some kind of hotel and my car was several miles away. 

For some reason I keep calling Angela and my granddaughters to ask about my car.  I was at some kind of party or conference.

At the end of the dream I was running to get my car.  It was raining and I ran on the streets dodging cars.

A man (unknown name and not someone I recognized) asked me what I was running for and I told him I was running to get my Porsche Cayenne (A Porsche SUV) since it had finally came in.   

A van turned in front of me as I was running and I had to wait for a pickup, as I ran in the rain.  

This dream was this morning, I always have a problem remembering my dream when I get up in the morning since it takes me so long to get to my computer (after my naps, my computer is normally right next to me)

Can’t remember any more of the dream but it was strong enough to wake me up and have the feeling, “oh this was just a dream”.

I don’t remember anything really bad about the dream except that I kept calling about my  car.  I didn’t recognize the site of the dream, seemed to be somewhere related to where I grew up.  

What is strange it I woke up with cramps in my legs from the running  

Have an enjoyable and safe July 4. (Whenever I say that, I remember the time when I was around 7th grade, I tried to scare Vincent, my oldest brother, by pulling out fuses in several fire crackers and holding them in my hand. Instead they exploded. Fortunately not damage, but I lost interest in fireworks after that!)

That’s it for now, Saturday, July 4, 2015, Independence Day.

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Summer 2015 July 3 Friday

70 degrees this morning. No walk, heavy rains last night, still some lightning when I normally walk. Also, I was concerned about the mud in some areas around here.

One thing we don’t like about the house and one reason we almost didn’t buy it is the way the drainage is fixed up, so water goes around the front of the house to the side. After the rain last night, it appeared to work, but is still a concern.

We were concerned about how we could water the grass and other vegetation with the bad sprinkler system, but the rain should help us get through until it is fixed.

It started out as a light rain last night and quickly developed into a heavy rain (a “frog strangler”) for this area. It will cool things off.

We had two neighbors move in yesterday The moving trucks, with all of the construction traffic and concrete trucks kept me entertained as I could see the mess through my office window.

Of course, not that I watched all that much, but there were moments when I thought there was going to be a wreck (from a concrete truck trying to get through too small of an area between two trucks to a fight from someone not moving fast enough!

Ah, the three day weekend is starting.

Of course, for us that means more time to move in, but that will be good also. We plan on putting up the last two bookcases (once you put books in them, they are there permanently, so we wanted to make sure we had the right location!) and completing my office so we can get rid of some boxes.

As I have mentioned before, now comes the hard part where I look at items and decide whether to get rid of them or not. I will review the “principles” or concepts of how to release items before I do that.

We hope to have a lot more books for the library and items for the Salvation Army (or other) before it is over, as we continue to try to minimize our living environment.

I didn’t use the word “downsize” or “rightsize” since I think those terms have been used to justify nefarious, vindictive, or selfish actions and the terms in mind are terms of ill repute, so to speak.

Yesterday, on my work account, I got my “tasks” for July at work and there is definitely enough there to keep me busy this month, which is good.

I look at each task (there were 186 of them, although in reality, due to duplication and items etc. there was probably really about 150, of which about 100 were new.
The good part is I look at each one of them as somewhat of a Christmas present that I open and see what is going on and try to resolve it. Some are easy, some I never resolve, but it really is interesting to try to resolve each task.

I try to develop new and faster ways to approach each case and I always feel a sense of accomplishment when I find a new way to resolve problems.

Probably my main weakness is I tend to trust people to do what they say, although in about 80% of the cases they do, which is always a relief.

Hope everyone has a great July 4 weekend.

That’s it for now, Friday, July 3, 2015.

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Summer 2015 July 2 Thursday

80 degrees this morning. Walk 41:58 minutes

In spite of the temperature, there is a distinct coolness in the air this morning, if 80 degrees can be considered cool.

Of course, whatever “coolness” is in the air disappears fast when the morning sun arrives.

There is a slight wind, which seems to be cool, but I expect will become a hot wind later today.

Sitting on the patio writing this. Since today is an “even” date, i don’t have to worry about the sprinkler system. As we expected, the sprinkler system is wildly off and has at least one sprinkler head that “gurgles” and just runs water.

We feel the house is well built, but the landscaping and concrete work was horrible. Just obviously thrown together. I guess that is what warranties are for.

Looking forward to a three day weekend. I really like my job, but it will be great to get away for three days. (Actually, due to the Courter Reunion, I will have a 4 day week next week also.)

I really like the area i am “covering” for right now, and hope I may be able to get the area permanently. I see a wide variety of businesses (from urban farmers to artists to used tire dealers and it goes on from there) and people.

Several times, I have noted people standing in front of what looks like an old dilapidated house, anywhere from about 8 people at 11 a.m. yesterday to about 20 people at other times. It looked like people were just standing around.

It isn’t in a “bad” part of town, but is in a “loose” part so to speak.

Angela actually told me it was a “hamburger joint” and rated the 3nd best “hamburger joint” in the nation by one survey! i will have to try it sometime, if nothing else just for the experience! I will even eat it with the bun! (Normally, I try to avoid bread, unless it is the weekend and peanut butter is also available!)

Actually weighed myself the other morning after several months of not weighing myself (the scales wasn’t available for part of that time).

Actually, my weight wasn’t as bad as I feared or as good as I hoped, but I do need to restrict my “carbs” more. It is easy to let loose “just one time” and “one time” becomes “‘more times”, although there are other factors, such as “free” junk food at the baseball games! Of course, actually the food is included in the price of the ticket.

A fine layer of dust over everything is a problem out on the patio, probably from the construction. It isn’t really bad, but is noticeable.

Went out in the field yesterday. Trying to tie up the loose ends of this month and get ready for the “tasks” which normally come right after the first of the month.

The “tasks” are always a wide variety of items, some which are enjoyable to do, some you do because it is part of the job and I have learned to take the good with the bad.

July of 2015 sounds so weird, since I still haven’t (I can’t think of the right word, “mentally”, “psychological ” , “emotionally”, all don’t quite fit) caught up with it being the middle of 2015!

I still see the book “1984” and wonder what the year will be like! Of course, oddly enough, the events in the book “1984” are now easily possible. Scary thought.

That’s it for now, Thursday, July 2, 2015.

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Summer 2015 July 1 Wednesday

79 degrees this morning walk 42:36 minutes

Start of the second half of 2015.

Testing the sprinkler system in our yard this morning. I have a feeling it is wildly inaccurate, since we added a patio after the sprinkler system was installed. The little bit we have tested it, we have noted it is erratic to say the best.

They have an “odd/even” watering restriction system here, since we are an “odd” number I am trying it this morning.

I have to wonder about why watering is used so much to keep grass green, and for landscaping no one really looks at, when water is so scarce. Hopefully some means will be found to recycle water for landscaping use etc.

I thought during my walk this morning that I have never met another person or car since I started walking in this neighborhood. I haven’t even seen a car on any road.

Office day yesterday, catching up on paperwork from the previous field day and making followup phone calls. I definitely have enough to keep me busy, which is nice.

I am amazed at some of the businesses I see. People have great imaginations when it comes to starting a business!

Moon is full (or at least almost full) this morning. It makes walking a lot easier when it is full, it is almost like a light daylight.

I am prodding through the Business Week special edition on coding, programs etc. It is very interesting and fits in well with the book “The Innovators”. I’m listening to it a second time to catch what I may have missed the first time.

The Business Week issue answers a lot of questions I have had (or at least enlightens me on the subject, I really don’t know enough about it to “know” anything.)

Sprinkler water just chased me away from my favorite chair on the patio. It definitely needs to be adjusted!

However, from my new sitting position, I can look up and see the full moon just over the trees. It would make a wonderful picture.

“Trees” here would probably be considered scrub bushes back in Tennessee. I really noticed the trees when we visited back in Tennessee recently.

Nothing wrong with the type of trees here (except they are very rare), just that they are different.

I have always liked the July 4 Holiday (although I like any Holiday), because it gives you a chance to enjoy the summer. I’m not a big fireworks fan but it is part of the holiday.
I saw some posts about the effects of fireworks on dogs. I always remember our dog when I was a child who was terrified of thunderstorms and fireworks. He would run into the house and my Dad (who absolutely didn’t like animals in the house) would act like he wasn’t in the house! He didn’t chase him out (like he would otherwiseI), but he also refused to acknowledge that he was there! Strange that is my main memory about July 4 as a child.

That’s it for now, Wednesday, July 1, 2015.

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