2019 Summer September 16 Monday

75 degrees this morning,77% humidity  Nice day yesterday, high of around 94 degrees  Exercise yesterday:  Walk:  28:01, pace 20 seconds slower than goal Outside bike:  24:43 minutes (afternoon) Checked with Apple store, they don’t even have display units of the new iPhones until September 20.  I’m certainly not going to order anything like a cell … More 2019 Summer September 16 Monday

2019 Summer September 15 Sunday

75 degrees this morning, 72% humidity  Overall good day yesterday, high temperature of 92 degrees. Exercise yesterday: Walk:  28:18 minutes, pace was 20 seconds slower than goal Swim:  22:06 minutes  I read today about the possibility of “uploading” your brain to an artificial  “dump” where your brain would be stored forever.   This won’t  happen  … More 2019 Summer September 15 Sunday