New Low!

This morning I “tied” the lowest I have ever recorded my weight (since September 6, 1999).  Hopefully I can keep on losing! Looking forward to the 3 day holiday.  I love holidays.  When I get a call on a holiday I know it is important. On a vacation day, it may just be someone who … More New Low!

The Last Suit?

One of the “good” “bad” results of losing weight is having to buy more clothes.  And more clothes! I have had to buy 2 suits, new belts, shirts, slacks etc. to the tune of a substantial amount of money.  It is fun to find “new” “old” clothes that I saved for “when I lose weight” … More The Last Suit?

Abandoned by Apple Computer, I start a new blog and website

Due to Apple Computer shutting down Mobile Me and abandoning their customers, I was forced to start a new website and blog.  I had learned iWeb, so I was really disgusted with Apple’s actions.  Hopefully, WordPress will not do that. However, change is part of life, so I need to learn WordPress.  I will try … More Abandoned by Apple Computer, I start a new blog and website



This is my early morning dress. I get up early, walk for about 32 minutes, bike on my bicycle in my neighborhood and then go to a nearby gym and ride 33 minutes on a stationary bike while I read the paper.

More Me

Hello world! Who am I?

Born:  Holton, Kansas Date:  August 6, 1947 School:  “one room” school (Pleasant Grove), one of the last “one room” schools in Kansas.  First 4 grades. Teacher was Miss Porterfield. Netwaka, Kansas:  Grades 5 and 6 Miltonvale, Kansas:  Grade 7 Waldo, Kansas:  (Grades 8, 9 & 10) Dorrance, Kansas:  (Grades 11 & 12) Fort Hays University:  … More Hello world! Who am I?