In the midst of Chaos

This has been a really busy summer for a number of both personal and work reasons.  Yes, I love it!  There have been some challenges and that is what living is all about.

I was thinking this morning of the events in the day I have really come to value, which includes my early morning 35 minute walk, (listening to a non-fiction book, normally on a subject I normally wouldn’t read about) outside bike ride on may bike and then I go to ATC (Around the Clock) fitness to ride the stationary bike for 35 minutes while I read the daily papers (Commercial Appeal and WSJ, except I add the NY Times on Friday, Saturday and Sunday) and listen to music on my ancient iPods  The three “gumstick” iPods are at least 6 years old and appear to still have a strong battery.  Thank goodness, because it costs more than they are worth to replace the battery!  I found that the new “shuffle” iPods are near as good as the original “gumstick” ones are.

Then I have my 27 minute nap (why 27 minutes, I don’t know) and then, weather permitting, I sit out on the wonderful patio and work as I listen to the wind blow through the woods in back of my house.

Small pleasures but essential!  Then I eat my oatmeal and blueberries and head off for work.

I don’t have any similar rituals at night, or even during the day, except for my coffee, so that is probably one reason I treasure the early morning hours and keep waking up earlier and earlier!


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