Bike commuting

I have been “commuting” on my bike for several weeks now.  It has been an interesting experience even though it is a short “commute” since it is from my house to the gym early in the morning, not to the office! I take my walk, and then ride my bike to the gym to (I … More Bike commuting

65 is here

My 65th birthday has come and gone, and I am now “65”.  Actually had a nice birthday, really don’t feel older.  Actually I have been so busy with a variety of projects I haven’t had time to post. I think the worst thing about getting older is you really realize the limitations of time, how … More 65 is here

Time Warp

As I approach my 65th birthday, I still have a hard time realizing I will actually be 65 years old.  All my life, I have thought about 2012 being some mythical time when I would be 65 and officially old.  I may be officially old…. but Of course, I am approaching 65 shortly, and I … More Time Warp

Bicycle Commuter

This morning I decided to “commute” to the gym by bike rather than drive.  (Hardly a major decision since it is only a mile or so.)  The expected hassles of locking my bike, taking care of the helmet etc. were not exceptional and I enjoyed it. This is my start of my training for my … More Bicycle Commuter