Christmas Day 2012

  Christmas Day 2012 This is one of those years where Christmas seems to arrive suddenly.  Perhaps it is because the normal lull between Thanksgiving and Christmas did not seem to happen this year.  It remained (and remains) busy. I am amazed at how fast children grow, and I always notice it in Christmas pictures … More Christmas Day 2012


Today is the first day of Winter, shortest day of daylight in the year.  Even in the dead of winter I enjoy it, since I know it means spring and summer are coming!   It does always seem to take forever for the last vestige of cold to leave, but I know every day is … More Winter

The Machine II

Today I decided to go ahead and get an appraisal on my house for a possible refinancing.  If it comes back low again, it should provide us with justification for the State Board of Equalization to reverse the decision of the County Board of Equalization.  If it comes back at the “comparable” price indicated by … More The Machine II

The Machine

The Machine In March of this year, we decided to refinance our house.  We didn’t realize we were stepping into a well rehearsed money eating machine. The appraisal came back too low to refinance the house.  We accepted the decision as one of those facts of life until….  The County Assessor assessed our house at … More The Machine

December 9, 2012

Rain this morning, didn’t bike at all, drove to gym. My Mom would be 100 years old today, if she were alive.  Time goes so fast.  It is hard for me to look at her papers and pictures when she was young and in college and realize that many of her dreams were never achieved, … More December 9, 2012

“Difficult decision is knowing what is right”

While I take my morning walk, I listen to “audio books”, normally nonfiction on my walk.  While listening to the “Presidents Club”  this week, I heard a quote (either Johnson or Nixon, problem with audio is you can’t go back and look up a specific item) said “the difficulty is not doing right, it is … More “Difficult decision is knowing what is right”