Exercise, Newspapers, Coffee, Listen, Resolve Conflict

Recently, I was asked to write what I did each day in six words.  I assume I was supposed to write some pearls of wisdom on may job.  However what I wrote was: Exercise, Newspaper, Coffee, Listen, Resolve Conflicts That actually does describe my day.  My morning exercise routine is extremely important to me.  Almost … More Exercise, Newspapers, Coffee, Listen, Resolve Conflict


I recently spent some time in Nashville. Taking a walk downtown looking for a place to eat.  Inspired by fiddle music, I entered the “Broadway on Second Street”.  They had food, so I ordered and listened to “Katie and Mark” play County Western music, at times with the fiddle playing. Fiddle/violin music for some reason … More Nashville

Spring 2013?

73 degrees this morning when I got up.  I feel like Spring is FINALLY here!  It has been either cold and/or rainy (usually both) until recently, making it a long wait for Spring. The Commercial Appeal is still being delivered “late”, so I really don’t have a chance to read it and it completely messes … More Spring 2013?