Summer 2013 June 29

Saturday morning, slightly coolish on my favorite spot, my back patio, but still the best place to be. (Temperature is 68 degrees) The wind is up slightly, (but nothing like yesterday morning), so the wind in the trees is pleasant. July 1 is always an important date in City government because that is when the … More Summer 2013 June 29

Summer 2013: June 24 (Yes, it is out of order)

I always hoped I would avoid the rigid behavior and inflexibility and inability to change that may (or may not) come with getting older.  The one place I really see “habit” becoming ingrained is my morning routine.  I can change almost anything, but I really dislike it when my morning routine is intruded upon (while I am … More Summer 2013: June 24 (Yes, it is out of order)

Summer 2013 June 23

Although I can’t feel the days getting shorter, I am sure they are.  Actually, the days seem to be static for several days before the sun starts its decline earlier.  One of my original iPod “shuffles” (the gum package kind, the very first design) just had it’s battery go out for good.  Since I got … More Summer 2013 June 23

Summer 2013 June 22

Saturday morning on the patio, another beautiful day!  Musing about my recent trip to the CMA Fest.  Memphis residents are much better hosts than Nashville residents/businesses.  It is almost universal.  Memphis residents, police, businesses etc. are much more helpful and courteous, almost never uncaring and rude as most persons in Nashville are.  Just my opinion … More Summer 2013 June 22