Summer 2013 July 31

79 degrees this morning.  Started raining about 6:30 a.m., so couldn’t sit out on the patio in spite of excellent weather.   I really don’t like rain.  I prefer sunny weather, even though I know rain is necessary.  I have never considered rain to be romantic.  Of course, it is one of those things that … More Summer 2013 July 31

Summer 2013 July 30

Warming up.  74 degrees this morning.  Feeling now like a possible rain. Trying to find a good repair/maintenance company to work on the house/yard etc. is difficult.  There are a lot of good companies, but a lot of incompetent ones also.  “Angies List” is good sometimes, sometimes it isn’t.

Summer 2013 July 28

Relatively cool this morning (73 degrees).   Saturday and Sunday I am frequently the only person at ATC, although there are other “regulars” at that time, they are primarily weight lifters.  (This is in the 4 a.m. to 5 a.m. time frame.  During the week (primarily Monday through Thursday), I expect our little community is … More Summer 2013 July 28

Summer 2013 July 26

Very cool this morning, 66 degrees. I really get tired of the computer companies making junk and then trying to charge excessive rates to “fix’ their mistakes. Latest case was a Google Matrix 7 that failed after 7 months.  Staples refused to honor the guarantee (even though I had an “extended warranty” and they admitted … More Summer 2013 July 26

Summer 2013 July 24

78 degrees this morning, possibility of rain.  Good to get back to my routine of walking/cycling/reading the newspapers etc.  Listening to “Steve Jobs” while I walk again, finished “Man’s Search for Meaning”.  (Still trying to live the lessons I learned from both books. Really enjoyed the Reunion.  It is nice to have several days to … More Summer 2013 July 24

Summer 2013 July 23

Heavy rain, thunder and wind greeted us this morning as we drove into Lakeland.  I’m not sure if I have ever seen lightning like that. The Summer, 2013 Courter/Wherry Reunion is over.  I always look forward to it and always feel some regret when it ends. Otherwise, hectic day, trying to catch up etc.