Summer 2013 July 25

Coolish (70 degrees) morning, not near as muggy.  Good day for cycling etc.

Went to dentist today about “tooth implant”  (actually two of them).  I need to bite the bullet (so to speak) and get it done.  It seems like a lot of money, but if I don’t do it I will probably regret it.

My problem developed right after the Air Force, I had a year to get free dental care.  I made the mistake of taking advantage of that and the Dentist pulled the tooth rather than take the time to do a  more complicated procedure.  I still think it was laziness on the Dentists part.

This required a “bridge”.   About 15 years ago, this bridge was replaced.  Since I am required to have two teeth implants.

I have decided I need to do something about “Time”, especially at work.  It seems the time just flies.  I don’t resent having to do most of my work at home, it is just the way it is, but it seems there is a lot of wasted time.

One of the times I really notice time fly is in the morning on “hypertime”.  Time just flies.  I like to walk, lift weights, bicycle, read my newspapers, catch up with my e-mail etc., as well as eat breakfast etc. before I leave for work (this includes at least a 17 minute nap, since I get up around 3 am)  I’ll keep working on it.


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