Summer 2013 July 26

Very cool this morning, 66 degrees.

I really get tired of the computer companies making junk and then trying to charge excessive rates to “fix’ their mistakes.

Latest case was a Google Matrix 7 that failed after 7 months.  Staples refused to honor the guarantee (even though I had an “extended warranty” and they admitted the battery hadn’t lasted near long enough.

Apple is just as bad.  I have an iPod Nano (7th Generation) which won’t sync now.  Makes it a piece of junk.  I can understand why Steve Jobs called so many things “s**t”.  He produced a lot of it.  Some excellent products also, but also some real junk that Apple Computers never took responsibility for.  What really upset me was the extortive rates they wanted to give me advise on the ipod, which is only about 7 months old.

Glad it is Friday.  Seems like a long week even though I took Monday and Tuesday morning as vacation time.  Of course, I’m still catching up.

I keep a list of books I want to read.  My list has grown to the point, I know I will never read all of them.  Doesn’t mean I can’t try!


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