Summer 2013 July 27

Warmer than I expected this morning, about 73 degrees, the point at which I try to decide if I will a long sleeve or short sleeve shirt and shorts or swearpants before I exercise.

One thing I really resent on all computer/technological products (and AT & T DSL) is the apparent assumption by the sellers that I have all the time in the world to spend on the phone on hold or “try this, try that” where a simple service call or bringing the product in would make the difference.

Dell Computer has to take the prize for inefficiency, incompetence and red tape nonsense.  I was ordering a computer or the City, which is exempt from sales taxes.  We have an account, which says we are a City, etc.  I was asked to submit a Tax Exempt Form, so I e-mailed a Tax Exempt form.  After about a week, I was advised the Tax Exempt Form needed to be made out to “Dell Marketing LLC” (or something like that) instead of “Dell Computers”.  It seems they could have made that change themselves, rather than delay everything for several days. (I actually had to check on since it had been a week.)

THEN, they e-mail me (after another delay) and advise me I need to put the VENDOR ADDESS (which of course, is their address) on the Tax Exempt Form.  I made a note that I didn’t have their address.  SO, they sent me their address (after another delay).

At this this point, I advised them I was buying it elsewhere and cancel the order, I didn’t want to do business with them.

No wonder Dell Computers (wait, maybe it’s Dell Marketing Ltd!) is having problems!


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