Summer 2013 July 28

Relatively cool this morning (73 degrees).  

Saturday and Sunday I am frequently the only person at ATC, although there are other “regulars” at that time, they are primarily weight lifters.  (This is in the 4 a.m. to 5 a.m. time frame.  During the week (primarily Monday through Thursday), I expect our little community is about 30 people, and can vary from 10 to 50.  There are about 20 “regulars” that I recognize as regulars.  I don’t talk with any of them (unless I drive and shower there), except for an occasional “hi”.  It is a part of my life where I don’t really interact with anyone else, kind of like driving.  I do wave to the Walgreens truck driver as I ride through the Walgreens parking lot.  Apparently this is the time they trade drivers.  Other than the truck driver, I always wonder who leaves their car in the Walgreens parking lot all night.  (This isn’t every day.)

Enjoying the weekend, as normal, not enough time.  I usually add a book or two to my list of “books to read” from the Wall Street Journal or New York Times and look in dismay at what I haven’t read.  I am also far behind on magazines. But it is nice to be busy.  



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