Summer 2013 July 29

Relatively cool weather this morning (70 degrees), it is turning out to be a cool summer.  I really noticed a lot of difference in the heat between here and Topeka, Kansas (it seemed a lot more muggy in Topeka, not sure why, maybe the altitude).

Speaking of time, one reason I don’t watch many videos on the computer or watch hardly any live tv is that they seem to have no concept that my time is valuable!  I can’t pick and choose, like I can a newspaper, written story on the computer etc.  I also rarely to to movies for the same reason.  I guess I don’t like ceding control of myself to someone else.  I especially hate wasting my time on hearing/seeing sports news, “celebrities” I know nothing about (or could care less about) etc., or crimes that I don’t need to know about.  I have always been that way, not a matter of “getting older” or whatever”. 

School will be starting next month, meaning summer is almost over.  I will miss going to the Redbird baseball games, we really have enjoyed it, even when they lose it is fun to sit outside. the Redbirds are a class organization.  For some reason, baseball is the only sport I really enjoy seeing “personally and live”.  Maybe because it is outside and has a relatively even pace (the length of the games is one thing I don’t like).  Anyway, I will miss them.  The Redbirds are a class organization and I enjoy dealing them them and seeing the games, even if it does take up an entire evening.

Speaking of time, I try to not schedule early morning (8:00 a.m. or before) appointments, if possible, so I won’t intrude on my precious morning “hyper time”.  I scheduled one this morning for some reason.  

The Lakeland Election campaign will be in full swing soon.  Campaign signs will be allowed starting today and I’m sure the informational mailings will start.  I will be glad when it is over.


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