Summer 2013 August 29

74/77 degrees this morning.  Relatively coolish, almost too cool to sit out on my patio (but not quite). The book “The Willpower Instinct” reviewed this morning the technique of “surfing the urge” as a way of willpower, either the “will” or the “won’t”.  Interesting concept, I have actually used it myself and it is effective. … More Summer 2013 August 29

Summer 2013 August 25

77/79 degrees this morning.  Actually feels slightly cooler than that now. Relaxing day yesterday, ate breakfast at Starbucks and then caught up on both work and personal items.  I looked at some magazines I had accumulated and attempted to get them to the  “give away” bin.  A very few (such as the Harvard Business Review’s … More Summer 2013 August 25