Fall 2013 October 31

70 degrees this morning, raining.  Didn’t walk or bike, did stationary bike.  I always feel like I”m missing something when I don’t do all of my exercises, especially walking.  When I don’t exercise, I feel like I should have extra time, but I actually don’t because I still need to read the papers, drive (rather… More Fall 2013 October 31

Fall 2013 October 29

57 degrees this morning, relatively  to yesterday, almost seems warm.   Tuesday, going to be a busy day today, with meetings etc. Working on learning “Evernote”.  Generally, a little disappointed in it, but I am learning new features.  I have had it for years (even the premium part) but have never really learned the full… More Fall 2013 October 29

Fall 2013 October 26

34 degrees this morning.  Fall is definitely here!   It seems it has gotten cool earlier than normal this year, but I doubt that that is really the case.  For some reason October has seemed like a vey long month.  Saturday morning, basically the start of the weekend.  Traditionally (for whatever reason) I don’t make… More Fall 2013 October 26