Spring 2014 5 23 14 Friday

70 degrees this morning.  Trying to sit on the patio, but there is still a slight coolness in the air (sigh).  Normally Memorial Day is about the time it really starts getting hot in the morning, so hopefully this weekend is it.

The Veterans Job Fair went well.  It was very professionally done and while I really wasn’t suited or interested in many of the jobs offered, (there were a few which made it well worthwhile going, if nothing else just for the experience) and the organizations/businesses there were very open to questions and providing information.  They even offered a lot of “freebies”, which I skipped except for a “string backpack” that I use when I bike and normally break about one every three months.  However, the one I am currently using has lasted for a long time, maybe even a year.

Trying to get my iPhoto library organized.  The most frustrating part has been getting ride of “duplicates, thumbnails and the “faces” that Apple uses that somehow duplicated to about 14,000 images.  The Apple Store staff has been very helpful in helping me approach this.  I’m not sure where Apple recruits for their store, but they hire a lot of really great people.  (They hire a good variety of ages, etc. also, which makes me feel good about the company.)

I don’t quite know how my iPhoto library got so disorganized (probably through years of “tu it” delays!), but I am intent on getting it organized into albums and then stored somewhere.  I am actually learning a lot, it is interesting.  Apple apparently added more “1 to 1” staff, which is great, until everyone else learns about it and then it will be hard to get an appointment again!  They have a lot more appointment times available for the “1 to 1 personal”, which is either 30 minutes or an hour of direct “1 to 1” training, which is great, because I always learn a lot.  “Open Training” is for when you have a project that you don’t need continuous help, but you may need some assistance to help you over  hump and that  is also great.

 I noticed I am just scanning Facebook more and more as more “sponsored” ads and junk are in the “news feed”.  Hope I don’t miss anything I world really like to see, but I only have so much time. 

Looks like it will be a great day.  I even have another appointment at the Apple Store this mooring, hopefully can break through the problems on iPhoto.  I don’t mind spending the time on it, I just hate to waste time.  The time on the patio this morning has been good, even if a little cool, it is good to be back and see the trees, hear the wind through the tress and the birds.

We no longer have our bird feeders.  It just got too messy.  We miss the birds, but it was a continual hassle fighting the squirrels, raccoons and other varmints as well as we weren’t sure what type of pests were in our lawn to eat the discarded seeds.

We will try to go to a Redbirds baseball game (or two) this weekend.  That is always fun when the weather is nice. 

Just looked at my gmail account spam folder, I had over 200 spam in the last three days!

That’s it for now, Friday, May 23, 2014




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