Summer 2015 August 7 Friday

83 degrees this morning Walk 39:21 minutes

A year older now. As usual, I REALLY don’t feel as old as I am! I still remember when I was a child and try to imagine what it would feel like to be this old, I really had no idea or concept, and maybe still don’t!

Going to try to go swimming at the YMCA again today. It is a nice respite if I can arrange the time to do it. Hopefully I will later include stationary bicycle riding and some weights. They also have a reasonably nice outside trail for biking and walking/running, although I am not really the trail riding type of bicyclist. Of course, I haven’t been around areas which have decent trails either.

Yesterday, I was bragging about finding two trees to park under at two different locatons.

What makes it especially noteworthy is in a (probably) 160 acre tract of shopping center and related parking, all concrete and asphalt, there are (I counted) 3 trees. Talk about a lack of concern by the city!

What highlights it even more is if you drive to an adjacent city, every shopping area has a buffer of trees, with the smallest area having more trees than the 160 acre tract in this city!

I fully realize it isn’t always feasible to “save” trees, but it seems as if they could at least require they plant some! If they had planted some when the shopping center was started, they would have some decent trees now!

Which started me thinking about the other “major” malls, which have about the same number of trees on their parking areas also, if any.

In spite of the 83 degree temperature, the patio is very nice this morning with a cooling early morning wind. Of course, as soon as the sun comes out, that will all change.

The “dog days of summer”, which I used to think were called that because the dogs disappeared into the bushes etc. to escape the heat!

I love this weather and am enjoying it while it is here. There is sometimes a brief period when it is even hot at night (although 83 degrees isn’t cool), but so far this year it hasn’t happened. Better extreme hot weather than extreme cold weather!

Third day of wearing the new shoes and I have been very impressed. I am surprised at myself for not realizing sooner how a good pair of shoes actually feels and is obviously well worth the money.

I think so much money is spent on “marketing” the better known shoes that I just assumed it was a marketing ploy (and it may well be) rather than any actual difference in the shoes. I can attest there definitely is a difference in these shoes and more inexpensive shoes.

Starting my course on WordPress next week. I am both looking forward to it and dreading sitting for three hours in a classroom, (it is a 3 hour per session, five session course), although I am also looking forward to what I will learn. I have used “WordPress” for probably about five years, and feel like I really haven’t even scratched the surface of what I could do with it.

Friday is here, the week went fast, as usual, as the months and the year have gone fast. I have gotten my monthly does of new accounts so I have been having an interesting time learning about my new accounts.

That’s it fo now, Friday, August 7, 2015.

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