Summer 2015 August 8 Saturday

81 degrees this morning walk (estimated) 40 minutes

Perhaps it is operator error, or perhaps the new watch I bought is defective. I’ll go back over the steps and see, but somehow the stopwatch function didn’t work this morning.

Unfortunately, this watch feels cheap. In the past I bought inexpensive (or cheap if you wish) watches at Walmart and they may have been inexpensive, but they didn’t feel or look cheap, this one looks and feels and looks cheap.

On the other hand, with every iPhone, repurposed iPhones etc., having a stop watch, i don’t really need a stopwatch for my walk, but they aren’t really convenient and obviously won’t work when I go swimming.

Went swimming for a short period yesterday, it feels good to go swimming, hopefully I can keep going at times when it isn’’t too crowded.

Another weekend, time flies by.

I was just thinking this morning that it won’t be too long before it will be too cool to sit out on the patio and enjoy the light cooling wind as I write this, read etc. Then I decided it was foolish to think about how soon it would end, I need to enjoy it while it is here.

It seems when it is hot and I can sit outside every morning it is difficult to imagine it being too cold to sit outside, while in the winter it is difficult to remember what it was like to sit outside in the summer and feel the cooling wind.

Actually, this house will be slightly different in that part of the patio is partially enclosed and has a fireplace. Not quite sure how all of that will operationalize when it gets cold. I”ll see.

“Office Day” yesterday, trying to catch up on some of the paperwork, prepare for future contacts. Sometimes it is more effective to make contact by phone (or the only possible way), sometimes it is more effective in person.

I have had some vivid dreams recently but didn’t get them noted down. For the most part, they continue the general trend of the dreams I have noted here. l will try to make a note as soon as I wake up again. For some reason, I seem to be having more vivid dreams that I wake up thinking is reality, although maybe it is just because I am paying more attention to them.

Still listening to “The Believing Brain” on my morning walk. A matter of some interesting and thoughtful information, along with some parts I would like to fast forward through. Some authors just don’t know when to quit.

He brings up some good points about the “confirmation bias” (evidence supports your beliefs, not the other way around) etc., which is good reaffirmation of something I already know.

Confirmed the class for “WordPress” starting next week. I think I was secretly both hoping and fearing the class wouldn’t “make” so it couldn’t be held, but apparently it has som einterest.

In a way, it is like learning to swim (or swim better), I don’t need to know how to train to become an expert, I just need to know enough so I can improve each day and maximize my use from the WordPress program.

For swimming, I just need to know enough to feel comfortable in deep water and know enough swimming techniques I can get a good and safe exercise swim.

That’s it for now Saturday August 8, 2015sd

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