Summer 2015 August 9 Sunday

82 degrees this morning, walk 39:30 minutes.

Wind is blowing stronger this morning, it is very noticeable. Sometimes the wind means a change in weather, although around here it is probably just because it is the wind blowing.

Actually met a car yesterday morning on my walk and one this morning (actually this morning it was a resident leaving). I usually jump on the sidewalk when a car is coming, just out of caution, especially at this time of the morning, but here in many cases there is no sidewalk yet.

The hot weather continues, although many stories note that it is actually cooler this summer than average.

Heard about the “endowment theory” this morning as another reason it is hard to get rid of items you already own. Apparently the theory is that once you own something it has more value since you already own it and you will spend twice as much energy defending something you own as you will in attempting to own something you don’t already have. (or something like that.)

Anyway, it does make sense. I guess in addition to ask if something brings you “joy” (or something equal to joy), you also need to ask, “would I buy this again”? If not, I assume you could toss it without any real sense of (or actual) loss.

“Loss aversion” also comes into play in that you don’t like to lose something you already own!

I’m not quite sure where that leaves gifts or “freebee” stuff like t-shirts, hats, pens etc. that you develop an attachment too.

I wonder if that is why I hate to “sell” something, but don’t mind donating it. Maybe putting a price on something I value cheapens its’ overall value to me.

It is rather weird but I am starting to dream about work before I wake up in the morning (this isn’t my nap after my walk, but my “night” of sleep. I wake up about an hour before I normally wake up thinking about some imaginary account I am working on, I can never actually tie it to a specific case or person, just some kind of vague feeling of unease.

I’m not sure of the reason for the dream, since generally I feel confident about how fast I hand’e each case and what I do. I don’t know if the dream is trying to tell me something, is simply a consolidation of learning and actions or it just that, a dream!

However, for about an hour, I wake up several times thinking about some vague cases I am (supposedly) working on

What seemed like a lot of baseball is almost over as the (minor league) season winds down. The local minor league team started off well, but is not losing almsot every game and probably won’t make the playoffs after all. Such are the attributes of the minor leagues! (The good players get called up.)

Overall, it has been well worth it (our “half” season tickets). We are gradually dealing with the “all you can eat” food to “all you really need to eat”, although it is still easy to overeat, especially since most of the food is not the most healthy food you can eat! Although it really isn’t that bad, they have salad, hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken breasts, cheese, chicken tenders, potato chips, peanuts and cookies.

What I really like best is the free water! It was actually comfortable until the last several nights, when it was uncomfortably hot. I just wish (I think) they had free ice cream!

That’s it for now, Sunday, August 9, 2015

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