Summer 2015 August 10 Monday

83 degrees this morning, walked 39:23 minutes

Another wonderful morning on the back patio this morning, even though there is lightning in the north west and it is Monday!

I really like sitting out and feeling the cooling wind and looking up at the stars. I trust our neighbors dog to bark if any intruders get too close. (Fortunately it almost never barks.)

The only thing that concerns me is with the extremely poor planning practices of this city, who knows what they may approve for vacant land west of my backyard.

They don’t really seem to consider the quality of living, rather it is how much money the developers, builders and commercial people can make and how little they can get by with. That will be the eventual destruction of this city as many of the living areas will deteriorate and become slums.

My new shoes are wonderful and I wonder why I delayed so long in getting new walking shoes when my feet were giving me problems.

The socks-they are nice, and the amount of money they cost is really insignificant for the extra comfort they give. I am switching back to my regular socks tomorrow and I’ll see if there is a difference. (I know I should change my socks after every walk, but….)

The warranty on my “Mac Air” just went out, so I assume something will happen to it. I keep it backed up just in case.

I am debating which laptop to buy next, either another Mac Air, which I really like, or a “Macbook Pro” which actually has better performance and isn’t that much heavier than the Mac Air. I’ll just have to actually see and feel the difference.

While ordering by the internet is convenient, some things you just have to see first. It is easy to say, “you can return it”, but…

We ordered our refrigerator without seeing the actual model. We were also misled by the sales person as to the ice capacity. We technically could have returned it, but…. We have gotten to the point we like it, but we would never have purchased it if we had seen the actual model.

It is kind of like buying a car, I can never understand why the car salespersons thing you will buy a car you will live with daily for years and that is probably your major expense next to a house, based on a 10 minute “test drive”.

It is kind of like my walking shoes, there is no way I could have found the shoe I really liked over the internet. And of course, I am not about going to use the store to find the shoe (or anything else) I like than then order it over the internet.

The shoe store actually even advertises they will recommend the best shoe for you, even if you decide to buy it somewhere else, although I doubt that many persons do that.

Also, it is very difficult to return something over the internet, and some of the time, they (especially Amazon) will try to charge you the “shipping” (even if you got “free” shipping”). Maybe not anymore, but then I rarely order from Amazon any more unless I am absolutely sure of what it is. This was after getting a bunch of junk when I ordered what I thought were accessories for Apple products several years ago that didn’t work and were literally junk. Never again.

I think I am going to try to take at least one picture per day to describe my day and perhaps put it in my blog. I’ll wait until after I take the “WordPress” course. I am starting tomorrow night.

I dread the thought of sitting 3 hours (from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. in a classroom, even if it is something I am really interested in and can use, but that is the price of learning! I’ll see how it goes.

Going to be an unusually busy week as far as scheduled items. The WordPress classes, some training at work and some other events is going to keep it busy.

That’s it for now, Monday, August 10, 2015.

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