Summer 2015 August 11 Tuesday (Map my Walk App)

76 degrees this morning, Walk 38:54 minutes

I used the “Map my Walk” app for the first time this morning. I was impressed, both by the features of the app and the way they pushed their advertising and other purchases! Of course someone has to pay for it, and I’m sure there is a “premium” package that can opt out of most of it.

Like most apps, I just jumped in without reading much. I actually downloaded it yesterday and didn’t even get a chance to look at it until I started using it this morning.

Seriously, it is impressive to say the least. It “mapped” my walk on GPS to the step and calculated the mileage, my walking rate etc.

Not only that, but every mile (and I assume when I read about the app you can set it for whatever period you want), it (a voice) will give you the distance, the total time and your walking speed! Very impressive.

Also frightened me out of my wits when I suddenly heard a voice during my walk! The voice is very loud to say the least. I assume most people would be listening to their iPhone on headphones, but I actually use a repurposed iPhone 3 as an iPod to listen to my book, so the Map my Walk app came out over the speakers of my iPhone. It was definitely loud enough to hear and a very distinct voice. Again, very impressive.

When I finished it jumped into a detailed ad for Dr. Scholl’s pads (or something like that) which was also smart, although I quickly muted the phone. A good time to push something for your feet if your feet are hurting. (With my new shoes, my feet aren’t hurting!)

I was able to save my workout time, pace and actual route covered for, I assume, eternity or whatever comes next.

I used it without my glasses, so I hope I didn’t accidentally order any products it keeps pushing. Again, I don’t mind, someone has to pay for it, I just wish they would be a bit more subtle.

If you want something like this, I can’t imagine how it could be beat, although if I could measure my heartbeat at each phase of the walk etc., it would be nice.

Of course, I set a record for this route today. Nothing like trying to impress an iPhone! Of course the fact it is measured and saved is a good reason to do your best.

I actually don’t try to get competitive with myself I just want to walk, but I still found myself thinking, “well, maybe I’ll walk to the next mile, maybe I will try to get below my previous pace” etc.

Anyway, it’s free and actually worth a lot more than you pay for. I probably will pay a one-time (small) fee to get rid of the ads, but not a monthly fee.

Actually, I am really impressed by the fact that you can use it for any type of fitness you want. If you’re like me and don’t really care, just want to keep track, it is great and would also be excellent for a person who is trying to improve their performance.

What is really good it it can be used for biking, running etc. and also connected to other apps, such as fitbit, My Fitness Pal etc. and also can be sent to Facebook, Twitter or e-mailed etc. (no thanks to that! I don’t really want to spread my walking rate around!)

It also has the in app “friend” stuff for people who want to share the experience or, I assume, compete etc.

I went back to my “normal” socks today, I’ll report on that later.

“Field Day” today at work, WordPress course tonight, so will be a busy day.

Almost a cool day this morning on the patio.

That’s it for now, Tuesday, August 11, 2015.

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