Summer 2015 August 12 Wednesday

74 degrees this morning, 38:57 minute walk

74 degrees almost seemed cool during my walk and certainly feels cool now, although it is a comfortable coolness. If it was much cooler it would not be comfortable.

Thought about early morning schedule at the YMCA,still trying to work that out in my mind. It is nice to be able to swim, but I want to work our some other exercise routines also. (I will keep walking in my neighborhood and hopefully bicycling).. This winter it will be nice to have the YMCA as a backup for walking if the weather is bad more than several days.

I have never cared much for the “muscle machines”, although I know they work for a lot of people. However, I am considering trying them for limited use, just to make sure all of the parts that should be exercising are exercising.

I prefer free weights, and will try that first, but I do intend to get some training in using the machines. If only I can emphasize to them I don’t want to be musclebound, I just want to very gradually build up to a limited workout.

Ditto with swimming, I just want to feel comfortable in deep water and get some limited swimming techniques for swimming for exercise, not to become a competition athletic!

I think one reason I don’t like group exercises (such as the variety of exercises I can’t spell) is I remember the fanatic (to me) coaches in grade school and high school.

Still learning the “map my walk” app. Somehow the volume was shut down this morning so I missed the “mile” announcements. But I also missed the ads. I will continue to play with it and learn from it.

Hearing mysterious sounds in the words behind my house just now, hopefully just an animal. And a tame one (or a wild animal that avoids humans). The sounds always send a chill down my back (as in “chill of fear”), but if I start imagining things I would never enjoy being out here. I may bring a spotlight in the future!

At some point you just have to be fatalistic and say “what will be will be” when there is a 99% chance the sounds are just an animal.

Hopefully the dog will bark if it is anything really strange.
Of course around here, there is a chance it is some kind of nut hunter. Nothing against hunting, but there are people around here who are stupid enough to hunt deer (illegally) in a housing area.

My new shoes have a definite “bounce” to them. I am surprised at the difference in my new shoes and even my immediate previous shoes, which were good quality shoes. Of course, they were for all intents and purposes worn out (300 miles isn’t really that much when you walk every day), so I am remembering how a pair of 9 month worn out shoes feel as opposed to a brand new pair of shoes.
The session on “WordPress” was interesting and I think I will learn a lot. Part of my problem is always the fear I will change something and won’t be able to get back to where I was. With someone I can immediately ask questions that helps me explore more.

Computer classes are probably the one class where they have a break and everyone either stays in the room and plays with the computer or just takes a short break and comes back early!

Field Day yesterday, have some classroom training today, although just several hours. A new program the organization is starting that we all need to learn about.

That’s it for now, Wednesday, August 12, 2015.

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