Summer 2015 August 13 Thursday

74 degrees this morning, 38:23 minute walk.

The heat of summer may be basically over. At this time of day, 74 degrees is relatively cool.

The “Map My Walk” app is so full of advertising, it even interfered with the use of the app this morning. I didn’t see, after “starting the workout” an ad popup.The app is really almsot one big advertisement and marketing pleas for other products.

Of course, you can pay to get rid of he advertising, but I’m sure the never-ending pleas to purchase other items or “upgrades” will continue.

i am going to try some other “apps” before I pay anything. It almost seems like they are more interested in money then they are about making a good product, so I’m going to check with some other apps.

The first day was great, the second and third were disrupted by the advertising of the app and their continuous pleas to upgrade or buy something I don’t need or want.

Speaking of money, I was surprised to learn that many of the cities etc. that are raising the wages for ‘fast food” workers are just that. Only “fast food” workers and then only if you work for one of the companies with thousands of outlets etc.

I think it is disgraceful what some jobs pay, but singling out one specify class of jobs at specific companies sounds like political pandering to me.

What really surprised me was to find that, at least in this state, the average starting pay (or maybe the starting pay) for a teacher is about what they a mandating that the fast food workers get! (The pay was around $31,000 a year, $15 per hour times what is consider “yearly hours” of 2080 is $31,200 per year, plus they get overtime pay! ) I realize the pay isn’t exactly comparable, but….

I always thought it was rather odd that we pay the least to the people who take care of what we value most (our children).

I finished “The Believing Brain” yesterday morning, right as I was finishing my workout. Strange how often that happens.

Started listening to “Gulp” by Mary Roach this morning. Not sure what I think of it yet and if I will continue to listen. My stomach may be too weak in the morning for some of the descriptions (only partially kidding.)

I did learn that the reason a dog sticks it nose out of a car (or back of a pickup) isn’t because it likes the wind on it’s nose, it is because it “sees” through scents and odors.

I read a book once that described how many scents or odors a dog remembers and it is truly amazing. 7,000 or so sticks in my mind and it may be much more than that.

Went swimming in the “deep pool” yesterday at the YMCA (the depth starts at 7’ and it is much colder than the “leisure” pool) and really enjoyed it. I still plan on taking some basic swim lessons so I can enjoy it more and make it more effective for me.

I am really enjoying the “WordPress” seminar although I have just had one. (there will be five sessionsI). I played around some with my WordPress site ( and will continue to do so. It is probably a little bit gaudy now, as I try to get the colors right.

Field Day today, with a trainee. Ought to be interesting.

That’s it for today, Thursday, August 13, 2015

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