Summer 2015 August 14 Friday

78 degrees this morning, 38:47 minute walk

Coolish wind this morning even at 78 degrees. The moment on the patio is fleeting, as I expect by late September it will be too cool to sit out here and do my blog. (I can sit on the inner patio, but it’s not the same as sitting outside with a starry sky over my head and feeling the cooling winds.)

Actually saw TWO cars on my walk this morning! One of them was backing out of their garage and the other was obviously just leaving, so they are both neighborhood cars, at least.

I still notice the difference in the shoes. There is a real spring in them, and it has actually reduced my average time of my walk fairly significantly, although I realize there are other factors.

Still reviewing the “Map my Walk” app to see if it is worth while getting rid of the ads etc. There is a lot I like about it, but the continued marketing of ads, products etc. is a real pain. There must be a better way.

I keep having this feeling that even if I “upgrade” to “no advertising” etc., they will keep trying to see stuff and more “upgrades”, kind of a “bait and switch” promotional type thing.

It dose do a good job of keeping time and mapping my route, although since I walk the same route every day, I’m not sure how important that really is! Of course, hopefully I will increase my walking area, plus it will help in biking especially.

Learned a lot about WordPress this week, as I competed two classes What I learned is probably elementary to most people, but it is new to me. I’m glad I have some experience with it, it makes it a lot easier to learn.

I have fun practicing it, which is the way I learn information like that, learning about it, then doing it and then being able to ask someone if I need clarification on anything.

I noticed, of course, now that we are buying a house, a lot of houses came up for rent in the area we wanted to live, some at very reasonable rent and some houses for sale, although not quite as reasonable since it is a desirable area for mid-cost houses.

However, we are happy with our decision to buy a house here. We (or at least I) feel much more comfortable buying a house in spite of the reasons it may be better to rent. I don’t want to face moving again until I absolutely have to!

I am approaching completing the one year “probation period” on my job. The year has passed fast to say the least and I have learned a lot about something I really didn’t have any idea about before I started working there!

Had a real intensive dream this morning, but didn’t note it down. Another one I had yesterday during my nap after walking, I took some notes.

8 13 15 Dream

Very vivid dream.  I was in some kind of boarding house, I would work, and then sleep and then work again.  Not sure what kind of work I was doing, but it was a political job, or duty, working on a campaign.

A number of people I know in Lakeland and here appeared in the dream.

Aliene was talking about buying some pens with political slogans on them .

Can’t remember much else.  It was like I worked and then took naps, as did everyone else,, so it must have been some type of intensive work.

Don’t recall much else about it, except for the overall sense we were working on a campaign of sorts.

Looking forward to the weekend, need to get caught up on some personal tasks and practice my WordPress site!

That’s it for now, Friday, August 14, 2015.

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