Summer 2015 August 15 Saturday

76 degrees this morning, 38:53 minute walk.

The weekend is here. While I enjoy my job and look forward to the work, I really enjoy the weekend also. A chance to catch up, have some down time etc. and just something different. I especially enjoy it this weekend with the two WordPress classes I had.

While I enjoy the WordPress classes and am learning a lot, it basically wipes out the evening.

Of course, the meetings I had when I was at Lakeland and previous cites as City Manager also wiped out the weekend and it wasn’t unusual to have three meetings a week. Not that I minded, but it did eliminate a lot of evening activites.

I still feel a twinge of guilt about my job now when I think of something that needs to be done during an “off hour” time. However, since I can’t work more than 40 hours per week, I just relax and don’t worry about it!

I think about past jobs and it seems unreal, like it was some kind of dream or maybe an adventure like in a book where the main character goes on a a journey (of whatever kind).

I think once you complete a journey (or a job ends, or you move from a city), the experience becomes like a picture, a static experience in your memory. Kind of like our China journey.

When it is over, it is over. You can’t change it, but the memory remains and even that may change, but it is a static memory now, it doesn’t flow.

I think maybe that is the truth about “You Can’t Go Home Again”, you can never return to the place where you were, even if you return to the physical place, it has changed and so have you and things can never be the same again.

Kind of like when I was a child and took a trip, I was always surprised when I got back and found out things had gone on without me! It is hard to explain the feeling without coming across as egocentric, which I don’t feel is the way I mean it.

I think maybe it is the feeling of having to make decisions, once you go on one journey, you can’t go on the other journey’s and you have a sense of loss at the untaken experience. Or something like that.

I always really identified with the Robert Frost poem “The Road Not Taken”.

On the other hand, if you worry about what you didn’t do, then you may not be able to fully enjoy what you are doing (or the road you decided to take), and I think it is a much better use of your time and emotional life to enjoy the road or journey you decided to take!

I guess it is kind of like me enjoying the summer morning, but bemoaning the fact that it will end. It will end whether I enjoy it or not, so I may as well enjoy it and not worry about the cold weather coming! (Other than if I was a squirrel, for example, I would want to make sure I had plenty of food for winter! In that sense, you do need to worry about the future.)
WordPress has a feature called “gallery” that I can display my photos etc. Maybe it will encourage me to finally get my pictures organized!

I have decided I need to approach my pictures like I approach “stuff” I have that I’m not immediately using. I’ll look at it from the point of what I want to keep, not what I want to throw away. Anything I don’t keep I’ll delete, if that makes any sense!

Perhaps I’ll set some arbitrary figure and just keep the best of a category of that number and then delete the rest.

Certainly if I was using the former “film” type of camera, I would have a lot few pictures!

That’s it for now, Saturday, August 15, 2015.August

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