2016 Summer August 30 Tuesday

2016 Summer August 30 Tuesday

75 degrees this morning, walk 34:43 minutes

I am always somewhat puzzled by the difference in time in walking. This morning I would feel I was going faster, but I’m not sure why.

When I used to listen to music on my walk, music with a faster beat would substantially increase my walking pace, but somehow I don’t think listening to a book will make that much difference. Although I guess it could depend on the book, but I have been listening to the same book for several weeks.

Apple has set an “event” for September 7. Hopefully, they have some good announcements. As I mentioned previously, if they are just making some minor improvements in the iPhone 7, I will feel somewhat betrayed by their “rental” program, and will probably just buy the phone and go to my 2 year cycle. (I have one iPhone that is a work phone, so I would just put one phone on a different cycle, which actually it already is. My personal phone is even years and my work phone is odd years.)

Of course, my main interest is in the iPad Pro and the Apply Watch to see if they are up to any type of standards that will justify the expense. As they say, I can’t describe it, but I will know it when I see it.

Listening to the book on Tesla, I continue to be amazed at how comparable (as far as human behavior) the era of the 1890’s to 1900’s were similar to today’s environment. As they say, only the players and times have changed, the Play remains the same.

Inventions and advances in technology which can only be described as unbelievable advances, promotion of “vaporware”, inventors failing to realize how to market their inventions and getting their ideas stolen, shady promoters, outright thieves, media manipulation, rich “backers” funding inventors etc.

A lot has changed that make it a complete different world, 24 hour news, the literally instant transmission of news, the “smart phone”, which provides every person instant contact with other persons etc. Somehow, human nature stays the same.

While we are essentially moved in, actually being “moved in” takes a lot time and maybe never ends. We got some of our favorite paintings up over the weekend.

Tonight is the second night of the Community Police Program I am involved in. It is a program to become familiar with how the Police Department operates, not any attempt to become involved in police work (which I have absolutely no desire to do). I am glad there are people that like to do it!

Basically it just gives background information on the facilities, programs, etc. It is a smart move on the part of the City to build support for the Police Department, and also provides residents with some insight into the Police Department. Actually it is rather fascinating, especially with my background.

I wasn’t sure how I would send up to 13 weeks of 3 hour classes, but I think it is varied enough to keep it interesting .

Like anything, the only thing I don’t like is that when you make one decision (in this case involving my Tuesday nights), it eliminates other possibilities on Tuesday night. While I could miss, I don’t plan to unless it is very important.

Office day today. It is nice to have the variety of a “Field Day” and an “Office Day”. Each has it’s own good and bad points, but the fact they areas different makes it a nice change.

That’s it of now, Tuesday, August 30, 2016.


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