2016 Summer September Sunday

2016 Summer September 4 Sunday

72 degrees this morning, walk 35:11 minutes

Feels warmer this morning even if there is a coolness in the air.

Sitting on the patio, and it is comfortable.

I have a hard time putting in “September”, especially when it is already September 4! It just seems that time is going to fast!

As I mentioned, I have now worked in my present job for over two years, the “new” car is now almost two years old and I see children grow up before my eyes! I think again that Time is Short!

Not that we can do anything about it, which is why I try to make every moment count in some way, on the other hand if I worry about it, I’m not really living it , since I’m worried about whether time goes! Or something like that.

Actually I don’t sit around and think about where time goes, which would probably be self-defeating. Time will go and it is one thing we can’t do anything about.

However, I do think modern technology has certainly added a lot of time to our lives, if we take advantage of it. On the other hand, modern technology can also create a substantial waste of time if we aren’t careful.

I can remember when cell phones came out, I told someone “it was like buying time”, and to a degree it is.

Certainly having a smart phone with a clock, timer, flashing, reminders, calendar etc. saves time, if we use it right. it also can waste a lot of time.

I realize “games” have their place in computers, smart phones etc., especially as a learning tool, but, other than right at first when I had a a Vic 20 and Commodore 64, I have never played games on my smart phone computer etc. (Excepting the Bridge game I play on my iPad occasionally to keep my bridge techniques at least partially up to par in the event I ever start playing again).

One thing I don’t like about bridge is the amount time it takes to play. Like a lot of things (golf etc.) I think people have too many other activities available to take the time for a lot of activities such as that. There are numerous activities like that that need to realize they have to shorten the time it takes to play or change of the of the rules to take less time or people simply won’t do it.

A big problem with a lot of computer programs, smart phone apps is the amount of time it takes to learn the program or app, especially if it is something you are learning and don’t have an immediate use for.

Even since my first computer, I have found a strong “use it or lose it” element. Until I have a use for a program or app, I have a difficult time using it.

Evernote is probably a big example that I use for some things, but I know I”m not using to it’s fullest extent. Of course, I’m not using any computer program or app to the fullest extent, and I don’t know that I would want too.

If I am using a program or app for what I need, that is really all I need to learn about it. The problem is that if I don’t know the capacity of the program so that if I know what it can and can’t do!

Middle of a three day weekend. It is nice to have Sunday night arrive and you realize you have another day off!

That’s it for now, Sunday, September 4, 2016


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