2016 summer Sept. 6 Tuesday

2016 Summer September 6 Tuesday

78 degrees this morning, walk 35:05 minutes

I finally started researching “chronic cough” in relationship to GERD and was a little surprised to find a high relationship between “GERD” and chronic coughing.

I actually enjoyed reading (well, skimming) the medical journal on this.

Something I had never thought about before is the relationship of ph to food and drinks and GERD, thus chronic coughing.

Makes sense of course, I just never made the jump until I started r researching it.

Being around wastewater treatment and water, I am well aware of PH and I am surprised I never made the connection with PH in food (and even drinking water)before. f

For example, the articles said to avoid any food or drinks with a PH of under 5 (meaning it is high in acid). Of course, that makes sense

I found that many of the foods I like (blackberries, gatorade, oranges etc.) are high acid (PH under 5). Of course, coffee and tea are in there also, as well as chocolate etc.

For some reason, I had never thought of drinking water (that is, bottled water) as having low PH, but some arenas had as low as 3.2 meaning highly acid. Most drinking waters in the 6 to 8PH range,which is where I wold expect to find it (neutral).

Anyway, so I am going to be checking the PH of everything I eat. As I know from my coughing spells when I drink Pepsi after I quit taking medicine for may GERD years ago, coke and similar products are highly acid.

Some years ago, I decided to “reward” myself with a Pepsi after about three months of going without carbonated drinks. I coughed and coughed and coughed. That was the last carbonated drink I ever had and think that was about 9 years ago! (The ph is around 2, which is highly acid and can probably take the enamel off your teeth)

Of course the standard ( for everything) “lose weight”. I will restart my weight and eating program.

Another food to avoid fro GERD is “fat” in foods. Since I already don’t really care for fat (at least animal fat), I should be ok there, except I have a weakness for candy and cookies which I believe have lots of fat, which makes GERD (and thus coughing) worse.

I also will need to watch what kind of water I drink because some of the bottled water has a PH figure of .under 3, which is highly acid.

Anyway I am going to monitor my eating habits attempting to keep my PH foods low and also my ‘f lo

I seem to learn something new every day! While when I look at it now, it is obvious that the PH of food would have a major effect on my GERD, but I never really thought that bottled water etc. could be a problem!

As I mentioned before, mass distribution of things we need can create problems when the mass distribution doesn’t work!

End of the 3-day weekend, it was a nice weekend. Hard to write “September 6, times seems to have gone so fast!

That’s it for now, Tuesday, September 6, 2016.Srglr


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