2016 Summer September 7 Wednesday

79 degrees this morning, walk 35:44 minutes

We are sad to hear of Aunt Eleanor passing on yesterday. I have a lot of memories of Aunt Eleanor and Uncle Wayne (and her children, my cousins, Ken and Chuck).

My most vivid memories are of the Holiday gatherings, family reunions and especially the trip I took with them to California (for a family reunion on their side of the family) and the Boy Scout “Jamboree” in (I believe) Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Aliene and I always marveled at her wonderful handwriting and enjoyed visiting with her at family reunions. As I read another Aunt saying, she was a very special person and we will miss her.

Learned at the Police Academy last night that my keeping my old cell phones may be a good thing. Apparently it is almost impossible to completely “wipe” a cell phone.

I am always reminded of my first Blackberry which I dropped into a puddle of water after about a week and it became a pretty picture Somehow, Bell South was able to redo it and sold it to someone in Alaska who bought it on e-bay.

Anyway, I get this e-mail that he is getting my e-mails and phone calls on my old phone! I called Bell South, who of course said it was “impossible” but the proof was there! Somehow they got it stopped and I don’t think I let go of a cell phone since.

Actually, I am currently “renting” an iPhone from Apple, but I expect I will simply pay it off and keep it for two years. (Although the announcement today could decide me different!)

Actually, I have a work phone (which is the one I lease) and a personal phone, which will be two years old this month. I plan on keeping both for awhile, again depending on what may be announced. Anyway, Aliene still is using a 5S iPhone, so it is her turn to get a new phone.

So far, only my old iPhone 3 had become someone difficult to use based on it’s old operating system. I still use it for music etc., but the audiobooks are so much simpler on my cell phone and my iPhone 5, which I have repurposed to be our car audiobook reader.

I actually went from a iPhone 3 to a 5 (skipping the iPhone 4 completely to the surprise of everyone who knows me!) and Aliene went from a 3S to a 5S. I don’t know why but I was never tempted by the iPhone 4 or 4S.

I have been eying the Apple Watch with more interest lately. I really had no interest until recently when I read about some of the “apps” available for it and what they could do.

I have about decided that if the new Apple Watch (assuming it is announced today) has GPS I will get it with my balance on my “cash back” credit card. That is, unless the iPad Pro happens and is especially attractive….

Later on this month I will be attending the International City Manager Association Conference, probably one of the last ones I attend, although you never know. I figure I have attended about 30 of them, and have learned a lot at most of them.

Probably the most memorable the conference in 2000 in Cincinnati, both because we drove (in an F-150 pickup) the 12 hour one-way trip and that we heard Beck Weathers (“Left for Dead) about his Mount Everest experience and Doris Kearns Goodwin.

Beck Weathers started me on on odyssey of reading about mountain climbing and Doris Kearns about reading about Presidents and history which developed into a passion for reading and learning about Abraham Lincoln and Presidents and history in general.

That’s it for now, Wednesday, September 7, 2016.


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