2016 Summer September 8 Thursday

82 degrees this morning, no walk.

:Wonderful morning this morning as I sit on the patio, probably all the more wonderful because I realize the inevitable cold weather is coming and I will not be able to sit on the patio for several months. Usually it is from early November to mid-May, which is actually a considerable amount of time.

Didn’t walk this morning, there was slight chance of rain and I just had too much to do. I enjoy my walk and always feel a little sense of loss when I don’t walk. If it is raining, I enjoy the extra time because I can’t walk anyway. Of course, I enjoy the extra time anyway.

One of the hardest aspects of my current job is working 40 hours per week, or rather keeping it down to 40 hours per week. After literally decades working at a job where I worked a lot more than 40 hours per week, I have limit myself and just not answer the phone or e-mail after work hours etc.

Actually, I did learn midway through my career that “balance” is important. I may have worked a lot of hours, but generally I avoided being obsessed with work, I did a lot of non-work items, plus I just enjoyed the work.

One of my most difficult aspects of my job now is that I have to work a certain number of hours “in the field” without allowing enough “office hours” to allow for the normal paperwork and contact that comes with the job and the fieldwork. As I mentioned, “balance” is important. Perhaps it is harder not being in charge, although there are advantages of not being in charge.

I was disappointed that there were no announcements about the “iPad Pro”, but I was generally pleased at the Apple iWatch upgrade. At least I have more than enough in my “cashback” account to buy the Apple iWatch and will give me time to save for the iPad Pro. I’m getting the iWatch more for utility than for wearing on a regular basis (I have a nice “dress watch” already) so I will probably get one of the “sport” models.

I can see wearing it for my current job, since i like the idea of having the reminders etc. on the watch. It may sound odd, but on your phone it is easy to shut off a reminder and forget about it! I have it set up to “remind” me and generally “nag” me, but … sometimes you do something just because you want it!

I’m going to wait for awhile before I purchase it (well, a week or so). Actually, I always really analyze before making a purchase like this so it will be a while before I have time to really review what I need. While you can change bands etc., I don’t like the idea of paying more for a watchband than I normally pay for a watch!

Of course, I have to remember, this isn’t “just” a watch, it actually is a computer!

I don’t know if I ever thought that the “DickTracy wrist radio” would ever actually exist, but it obviously does.

Sitting on the patio, I just noticed one of my biggest fears about turning off the sprinkler system when it rains (forgetting to turn it back on) just happened! I could really care less about whether the grass is green, but I do like keep the plants and trees watered. The grass will always come back (I think), the plants and trees etc. might not. Of course, again, I doubt the wisdom of having plants that are not indigenous to the area and wasting a lot of water just to keep them alive. (I can’t believe I actually spelled “indigenous” right, or maybe spell check stepped in!)

I will soon start of the process of analyzing which Apple watch I want. It is similar to taking a trip I love to plan a trip. Sometimes I think I enjoy planning it more than taking it, but that probably really isn’t true, maybe only a very small portion of the time

Of course, it was a lot more fun planning a trip to China that it is planning a trip to (say) Kansas City. Nothing against Kansas City, it’s a wonderful City, that’s just the way it is!

Ready to enjoy the nice weather today.

That’s it for now, Thursday, September 8, 2016.


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