2016 Summer September 9 Friday

2016 Summer September 9 Friday

81 degrees this morning, walk 27:22 minutes

Started walking this morning with lightning in what I thought was the distance, but when I could hear thunder I decided to cut the walk short.

The “weather app” used to be almost perfect, now it seems it is never right. When I got up, it didn’t even have a chance of rain. Of course, it hasn’t rained yet either.

However, the little warnings that “it will start raining at 4:15 a.m.(or whenever) used to be correct to the minute, now they are almost never correct. Maybe the GPS got off some way.

There is currently a storm to the south, which is where most of the storms seem to be.

Trying to buy some furniture to replace some that has basically worn out, it seems that “sales” has a lot higher priority than “service” by the sales people . While I can understand “commission sales” I am really beginning to wonder about it.

Hearing about Wells Fargo Bank emphasizes the lack of ethics created by the “sales culture” of many companies. In a way, I almost can’t blame the sales people, the corporate culture has created it’s own monster. Usually a result of the “private equity” and “hedge fund” thieves.

Once again, we are faced with making a long term decision and are teated like we exist to serve the sales people, not the other way around.

I am always a lot happier with a purchase if I haven’t been rushed to make a decision with the “sales techniques” i recognize with ease as they try to rush you to make a decision in seconds on something you will have to live with for years. Of course they are already thinking of the next Commission, not whether you have the right item.

One item I didn’t feel rushed on was the last car we purchased and so far we are happy with it. In fact, the “new” car is now ready for the 30,000 miles service!

Soon we will have two years (in early October) on it. Maybe that answers my question of when does a item like a car, clothes, etc. become “old”.

In this case, I merely asked to see the warranty and was told “no one ever asked that before”! I was supposed to b sent a copy and am still waiting.

I am actually rather disturbed that no one asked to see the warranty before, but more so that the store didn’t provide a copy up front and go into detail on the terms of it instead of speaking in glowing terms of a “10 year warranty” etc. with no specifics.

We will decide today (or tomorrow) about whether to go ahead with what we purchased (or planed to purchase) or just go somewhere else.

Fortunately there are many places to buy furniture.

I can understand how people feel about government, since in many cases there is no one else providing governmental services. I think that is why government has a special duty to it’s “customers”, to explain fully and “walk in the shoes” of their customers etc.

Somehow, sometimes a four day work week sometimes seems longer than a regular work week. Maybe it is because you are basically compressing five days of work into four days.

That’s it for now, Friday, September 9, 2016.


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