2016 Summer September 14 Wednesday

2016 Summer September 14 Wednesday

70 degrees this morning. Walk 35:11 minutes

Back into the routine again, start work again this morning. Actually, it won’t be routine, (starting Friday) since I will be working on special assignments, which is a break from the routine.

However, one thing I really like about my job is it is almost never routine, it is something different every day, if nothing else, if the play or stage is the same, the actors change and they each have their own unique behaviors.

There are enough “repeats” that some of the actors are the same, so I have some familiarity as well as the new.

Coolish this morning. Sitting on the patio, but probably wouldn’t be if the wind was blowing harder or, for that matter, if I had any sense and didn’t like sitting on the patio so much! It is actually a little too cool to sit here, at least dressed for the summer likeI am now!

Had a good routine trip back. Finished one book and just started another one. We listen primarily to fiction in the car, I usually listen to non-fiction when I walk.

Still listening to the book on Tesla. While I’m not necessarily shocked or surprised, I am appalled at the absolute thieves that masqueraded as legitimate companies and attorneys. Some things never change!

Again i am reminded of the “popular delusions and the madness of crowds” when I read about the abuse of power during WWI etc. Again, some things never change!

The Presidential Election is turning into more of a circus than I even imagined it would in my wildest thoughts. While I don’t go into politics here, it will certainly be one of the most unusual presidential campaigns we have had.

I have to admit, I am rather disturbed at the disregard of the local politicians also in regard to decisions. Obviously this is still a small enough city where the “good old boys and girls” run things and money talks a lot more than the citizens do.

Fortunately I am in a position where I can speak my mind (within reason) and I intend to do so. Unresponsive politicians who don’t bother to even acknowledge a comment (I don’t expect them agree) will certainly never get my vote, and I will actively work against them.

(Moved inside, just a little too cool out on the patio.)

I won’t say much about Samsung and there latest “fire phone”, which breaks into flames! I realize it is a problem for all companies, but I am not a bit surprised that Samsung is in the forefront of the problem.

I realize many people have good luck with Samsung products, I have never had one that lasted much past the warranty (actually most haven’t even lasted that long), so I avoid all Samsung products and have for years.
As I mentioned previously, I especially will avoid all Samsung projects, after I read about how they basically were responsible for the death and serious illnesses of their employees (with chemicals) and then refused to treat them or accept any responsibility for the deaths/illnesses.

I am not surprised at the Wells Fargo scandal, although I am a little surprised it is Wells Fargo. What do you expect when a culture of “sell at all costs”, “cross sell at all costs” is so persuasive?

I expect a lot of other companies with the “sell at all costs” culture have the same problem. Somewhere “service” needs to be involved as well as responsibility.

That’s it for now, Wednesday, September 14, 2016.


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