2016 Summer September 15 Thursday

70 degrees this morning, no walk.

Not walking this morning since I am on a special assignment where I probably will walk 10 or more mlles, so I figure I don’t need to add a few more miles on to that before I ever get started! Exercise is exercise.

Still debating the value of getting “physical” newspapers. Everything I start to waver and think of canceling, I find the value of a “physical” newspaper, even though I may not read them quite like I used to.

I enjoy the internet newspapers, they are easy to read and usually somewhat well organized, convenient etc. I especially appreciate them when I am out of town and I don’t feel like I’m missing anything.

Plus, with the new iPhone, I can even read them while I take a bath!

The local paper is so inexpensive (for the physical paper versus the internet), it just makes sense to go ahead and get the local paper, since if you get delivery it includes everything else and is only about $5.00 per month more.

On the other hand, I have gone almost completely to internet magazines I subscribe to almost no physical magazines anymore (Consumer Reports and Wired are the only two I can think of, although I get some other magazines due to memberships etc.).

What I especially like about internet magazines, newspapers etc. is the ability to “save” an article, without having to tear it out, file it etc. They also are easier to read than some physical magazines.

Probably the best thing about newspapers is when you can sit down and read them, it is nice to have the physical newspaper. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to see physical newspapers disappear.

I don’t have any problem with “e-books”, but still primarily read physical books. E-books are a lot better to take with you when you travel or go to Starbucks to read etc. Probably if I took the time to figure out how to use the e-books, I would read them more.

Gearing up for the upcoming ordinance about allowing “chickens” in residential areas. I read the proposal by the “pro-chicken” people, which of course was pro-chicken, but unrealistic. They made comments about how people need to become “educated” about the stink and noise of chickens etc.

I know all about how chickens stink and and noisy and I hardly need to be “educated” about them. The simple fact is that chickens are great, but they don’t belong in small lot residential areas.

Of course the proponents have all of these restrictions on chickens (don’t allow roosters etc.), but if they break the law now by bragging about “illegal chickens” why would they follow the new ordinance and keep only four chickens, no roosters etc? They wouldn’t!

The simple fact is, they wouldn’t. I’ll try to avoid dwelling too much on “chickens”, since I hate to bore anyone, but the idea of even considering allowing chickens in small residential lots is a strange idea to me. I will certainly vote (and campaign against) anyone who votes to allow chickens in small residential areas, which I consider as a vote to reduct the quality of life in this city.

The general feeling I am getting is that the new “iPhone 7” and the “iWatch 2”, while not absolutely wonderful are well worth getting. Several reviews mentioned “this should have been the original iWatch”.

I believe the new iWatch and iPhone 7 come out today or tomorrow. It will be a while before I get the “iWatch”, primarily because I am waiting for any of the “new edition” defects to be corrected, and I have to really think about what type of iWatch I want.

That’s it for now, Thursday, September 15, 2016


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