2016 Summer September 16 Friday

70 degrees this morning, no walk

No walk this morning since I am doing a special assignment again. Walked about 9 miles yesterday, which more than covers what I normally walk in the morning!

Got our bed last night. While we were pleased with the delivery etc., I was stunned to find this “declaration” on the delivery slip that I understood the “base was not returnable”. Since this was the very first I had heard of this, I almost didn’t sign it and had them repack everything but i didn’t.

However, I will never, ever buy anything from Mathis Brothers furniture again Remember that name and stay away from their stores! That was a sneaky, underhanded trick and I think it is probably illegal I will also make sure their sneaky little trick is well known. They shouldn’t be in business with business techniques like that. Obviously all that matters to them is how much they can make, not business.

What is weird is it probably wouldn’t have made any difference in whether the bought the bed again. Just another unethical business trick in the name of “making as such as possible” by ripping off customers.

I am going to advise the sales person (who was actually very good) of what I think of their sneaky trick.

Aliene is changing the decorations to an “Autumn” theme, which more of less indicates the summer is over!

The State Fair, (which I normally don’t attend except as part of work) is always interesting. It is nice to see people enjoy themselves and the wide variety of displays, both commercial and otherwise.

As part of my area, I go through the entries that are judged (animals, metal work, woodwork, cooking etc.). I am glad to see they are still doing that.

I was surprised to see ribbons for “10th” place, which at least means you placed! Many of the categories have many more entries than that.

If I remember correctly, when I was the age (as part of “4 H”) that I submitted entries to the fair, there was only one “Grand Champion”, but they give out multiple ribbons for 1st, 2nd and 3rd etc. Maybe I don’t remember it correctly.

Even though it lightninged and thundered and rained, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

In a way, a lot hadn’t changed. Many of the rides were basically the same, basically the same food and the same type of displays and stuff for sale. As I say, the stage and play remains the same, only the actors have changed.

Obviously there have been some changes in some of the themes (representing current cultural images and music), but other than that, it is somewhat the same fair.

Today is the day the Apple Watch and iPhone 7 are available. While I plan on getting the “series 2 iWatch”, I probably own’t even look for several weeks. Then it will be a matter of trying to figure out which one I like!

Returning home last night, the highway I normally would take was a “parking lot” as they say. Fortunately I caught it in time (thanks partly to my iPhone alerting me to a traffic accident that probably was blocking the highway).

I was able to take another route, although it took me about twice as long.

Makes me realize how fragile modern life is and how dependent we are on other people and modern conveniences (main highways, electricity, the internet-especially, etc.) working smoothly. When then don’t…..

That’s it for now, Friday, September 16, 2016


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