2016 Summer September 19 Monday

2016 Summer September 19 Monday

73 degrees this morning, walk 36:46 minutes.

73 degrees seems almost warm this morning! Warm day yesterday after a coolish start.

Sitting outside on the patio as I write this, probably one of the last few times for for “Summer of 2016”. Actually, literally, ti may be the last time for the actual “Summer”, but I am referring to the “Summer of 2016” in the conceptual sense, that is, the “Summer” from early to mid-May to (hopefully) early November, or as long as the warmish weather lasts.

Actually, I just realized that “Summer” will be over, either tomorrow or the next day. I need to check. I check a couple of weeks in advance for Spring and Summer, but Fall and Winter are a little more difficult, except it is a matter of starting Winter so it can be over with.

Fall/Autumn means the leaves turning, frost in the morning, and the coming of winter.

One thing I really like about my job now is that, for the most part, if there is snow or ice, I normally have enough to do to just stay in my home office and not get out! Since I work at home there is no such thing as a “snow day”, but that is offset by not having to get out when it is snowing or icy.

I have been reading up on “ph” of food and bring to avoid foods with “low ph” (acid). That means doing without my morning Gatorade etc.

Although I should cut back on coffee, I don’t. Some things are just too good! Actually I have cut back a a lot on coffee, probably from about 10 cups a day to about 3, except when I go out to eat, especially for breakfast.

I was pleased to find that peanut butter has a relatively medium ph (a little less than 7) I am supposed to avoid anything less than a “5”.

Unfortunately that eliminates my morning orange also, although I still eat one occasionally, I don’t eat one every morning.

I also am trying to eat less, and maybe as important, eat slower and smaller bites, which hopefully will lead t eating less! If nothing else, I am trying to avoid eating too much at one time and spreading my eating out a little.

We also now have a bed that I can be my head up, which is supposed to also help control GERD.

I have done enough research I am pretty sure that my coughing is at least partially caused by GERD, so I am taking even more steps than I took before to control it.

I know it was a shock years ago when I realized the fallacy of “covering up” the effects of GERD with medicine (which by the way lowered my immune system which caused some other negative effects). I stopped drinking carbonated beverages etc. and switched medicine and decided to try to control my GERD.
By chance, that was about when I went on the “low carb” eating habit, which probably is the best thing I have ever done. I am a bit more relaxed about it now, but I still try to avoid high carbs foods, with the exception of an occasional pancake with peanut butter!

I never did worry about “carbs” in fruit and vegetables etc. and I still don’t. Of course, now I have to worry about the ph of food, as well as the quantity of it.

Anyway, I think my coughing is much better, although I still have a reaction to air conditioning and cold weather or air (even from a fan).

Start of a new week. Had a good weekend, ready for another three day weekend!

That’s it for now, Monday, September 19, 2016.


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