2016 Summer September 20 Tuesday

78 degrees this morning, walk 35:37 minutes

78 degrees this morning and a “heat advisory” for this area for today!

I was surprised to find that “Fall” doesn’t officially start until 10:21 a.m., September 22. I really thought it always started on the 20th or 21st, although I guess the planets don’t pay a lot of attention to our method of keeping time or the calendars!

Sitting out on the patio, bearing a dog bark obsessively in the distance, very glad I don’t live closer to that! It seems like people should take better care of their dogs so they don’t bark for hours. Fortunately I can’t hear it inside and can actually barely hear it out here.

The City we live in was named on the list of the “50 best cities to live in” and the “best city in this state to live in” (for what it means). My first thought was, “until they allow chickens in every yard!” Chickens have their place, but it’s not next to my yard on a small residential lot.

Actually, I expect the covenants don’t allow chickens anyway, but so many people think the rules don’t apply to them.

One of those clear wonderful mornings where I could look up and see the stars as I walked.

I believe this city must be somewhat of a “dark sky” city, they have very few street lights and all commercial development has be be somewhat muted in it’s lighting. It does make for a very nice place to live, compared to the major city in this area where the planners seem to feel that “anything goes” including video billboards in the back yard of houses.

I am amazed how, when I learn something new, suddenly it seems like there is all this information that has been around for years that I didn’t know about

A case in point is the “ph” of food (high acid foods) and their relationship to your health. I don’t recall even hearing about the ph of food as it relates to GERD (or your health) until in the last few weeks when I started looking up information on the relationship of GERD to lung inflammation/coughing etc.

I happen to read an article about it,and now I see all kinds of books, articles etc. that have been around for years on how the ph in food (they may say acid or alkaline) affects your health in many more ways than GERD.

Of course, as normal, anything like this brings out the extremists, so I have to sift through the extreme ideas and try to find the general truth.

Like anything, I assume there is no hard truth, it probably varies with the individual.

Actually, my entire life I can remember reactions to high acid foods, especially before I found out about Prevacid, Tagamet and similar foods. My reaction didn’t resemble the “heartburn” type of situations, so I didn’t realize what it was.

However, the first time I mentioned to my Doctor at the time she know exactly what it was and I wondered (as I wonder now) why I was in the dark on this for so long!

As with anything affecting health etc., it is difficult to determine the truth. There are alway persons out there trying to peddle some product they want to sell, or someone who wants to push their extremist idea (probably eventually hoping to sell something to you).

Actually, I have read several medical articles about it (which probably also have some other objective other than factual information) and I am starting to develop some knowledge about it. Enough to filter out many of the extreme views anyway. At least I hope so.

My overall goal is not necessarily to avoid all foods below a specific ph, but, again, that all important word “balance” in the food I eat.

That’s it for now, Tuesday, September 20, 2016.


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