2016 Summer September 21 Wednesday

78 degrees this morning, walk 35:22 minutes

78 degrees sounds warm, but there is that cool breeze in the air that makes it seem cooler than 78 would normally feel. i am enjoying sitting on the patio.

Listening to the wind chimes. They are pretty but way too loud and I wonder again about the arrogance of someone who feels like they should choose the sound environment for the rest of the neighbors. On the other hand, they may enjoy it and feel like they are doing everyone a favor. I am certainly not going to complain, although I still basically resent it, even as I enjoy it.

Still listening to the book about Tesla. Actually, i messed up and am listening to part of it a second time. In a way I am pleased that I remember most of what I previously heard!

That was really an amazing time and a group of amazing persons. I never realized the number of inventors etc. during that period (roughly 1880’s to the 1930’s) by individual inventors. I also never realized how crooked and greedy many of them were and especially the business persons of that era.

I think that the last 30 or 40 years greatly exceeded the inventions of the period of Tesla, but I can’t really say that since much of what the Tesla/Edison etc. era did set the base for future gains, and in fact many of their inventions are probably not even utilized yet.

Even when I think of the gains in the last 30 years, I have to remember that the fist person (to our knowledge) walked on the moon almost 50 years ago, and that was a real accomplishment considering the technology at the time.

It really makes we wonder what we could do now if we focused on accomplishments like that instead of other negative actions and programs.

I see the capital buildings, city halls etc. built in the 1800’s and early 1900’s and wonder now at the lack of imagination and innovation in building now that was displayed back then.

Of course, that is only if it isn’a some type of sports facility! i am amazed at the waste in sports facilities, but by cities colleges and even high schools. $90 million dollar high school football stadiums built while students attend classes in run-down old buildings! Sick.

Not that I don’t realize the economic incentive of sports, and sports facilities nor do I blame them for wanting nice facilities.

I just think there need to be priorities and a $90 million dollar high school football stadium used for several hours ten times a year should not be a hot priority over classrooms used the majority of the year 8 hours a day or whatever.

It is like the commercial (actually I think by the NCAA) that most students become professionals in areas other than sports, and I think the money should be focused on the majority of the students who shouldn’t have to attend classes in run down buildings with inadequate facilities while $90 million dollar stadiums are built.

Looked at the iPhone 7 yesterday (for Aliene) and the iWatch (for me). Sold out of both, although we basically decided what we wanted.

Of course, I immediately liked the more expensive watch (not the hugely expensive one, but the one about $300 more than the “sport” model). There really is’t that much difference and it doesn’t make any sense to buy anything other than the sport model, considering it probably has a life span of 3 years or so before a new, upgraded watch will be the “must have” item.

That reminds me of when the first laptops came out and I went to a conference where the presenter said basically “so what if you pay $750 for a laptop and it is obsolete in six months, if you get $750 or more value out of it!”.

I loved the concept and have used it to justify many purchases! By the way I keep my electronics and “repurpose” them I ‘m obviously not real comfortable with the concept, but I am definitely a believer. Maybe keeping the old ones and “repurposing” them makes me feel a little less guilty about buying the newest model based on the theory that the “value is there”!

That’s it for now, Wednesday, September 21, 2016.


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