2016 Fall September 23 Friday

2016 Fall September 23 Friday

73 degrees this morning, no walk

One of those strange neither here not there days, going off in an airplane. The early departure and the sudden transaction to another City.

Somehow, when flying it takes me a while to realize that I am in a different city (logically and consciously I know it, but somewhere deep inside I really feel like I haven’t gone anywhere for a while).

Traveling by car, you get the smooth transformation to a new area, a new city and usually a new climate and culture etc.

Airports are strange places (not in a bad sense), with people going and coming from everywhere imaginable and you meet such a variety of people.

This is written in one city and will be completed in another city, or more likely, completed while in the air. Whether it is posted in he air is another matter. (Probably if I get bored enough to spring for the Wi Fi fee!)

On the plane now, waiting for the flight to start. As normal, people jockeying for the best seat, and, perhaps more important, available luggage space. This airline doesn’t have peri-assigned seats, as such although several years ago they went to “numbered” boarding passes so at least he boarding line has some semblance to order. Actually, it works well.

In the air now. When you think about it, the number of people who have ever lived that have actually flown in a plane (as far as we know) is very very small. Ditto for using a computer etc. Although I don’t know how many people have ever lived (when I get an internet connection, I’ll check), Of course, even then it is just an estimate.

I rarely get angry about anything I hear on the news anymore, but the price gouging by the drug companies is absolutely the most unethical, crooked actions I can imagine. They should be in jail, not flying around on a private airplane at the expense of sick people and insurance companies. No wonder insurance is so high.

And these thieves are the same people who complain about high taxes!

Flying on a plane is calming in a way, since, unless you bring it with you, you don’t have to, or rather can’t, do anything.

The lack of alternatives can be very relaxing.

On the other hand, a wide range of alternatives can be very stimulating and exciting, so I guess a variety of each is important in life.

Maybe that is what is so important about sleep. At some point, there are no other alternatives except you are going to sleep!

While I probably won’t see it, I expect that at some point they will perfect a way to transport yourselves through to another place without the need of a plane, car or other device. Talk about a whole new world!

Currently, “on the ground” in another city. One of the few times I have traveled by air and actually landed and stayed on the same aircraft before proceeding on, oddly enough.

You get this strange sensation when traveling of “ships passing in the night” so to speak, meeting someone you will likely never see again. Of course that happens all the time, but you don’t think about it, it isn’t so obvious.

Don’t know when this will be posted, whenever I get a internet connection.

That’s it for now, Friday, September 23, 2016, somewhere in the clouds.


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