2016 Fall September 28 Wednesday


61 degrees this morning. No walk. (Not very many iPhone steps either!)

Last day of conference. It seems hard to believe it is over, but it is.

Actually, I think the experience more than exceeded my expectations. One reason I had debated about attending was the preliminary program didn’t look all that good. Some of the sessions more than exceeded my expectations, one of two were disappointing, that isn’t bad!

Overall, the “experience” exceeded my expectations. It was fun a nice break.

19 years ago, I woke up and learned my Mom had died during the night, probably September 27. I have a difficult time realizing that 19 years has passed so fast. It seems like so much has happened in 19 years, and yet so little.

Probably the annual ICMA Conference, like the annual Courter Reunion, makes me aware of time passing. They just seem to fly by. I actually have a t-shirt celebrating the 75th ICMA Conference (1989) and and this is the 102nd ICMA Conference.

I first went to an ICMA conference in 1983 and I have missed about 5 conferences in that time, 2 in the past two years (the 100th and the 101st). Whether this is my last one remains to be seen. Currently I plan to go next year, we’ll see one year at a time.

In the past, I normally got excited about what I learned at the Conference, but “daily life” lots of times got in the way to implementing some of the changes/learning I planned on doing, although I managed to do quite a bit.

This year, I want to implement a short “Mindfulness” program in my life,and also keep up my “Credentialed Manager” status and some other goals.

This past five days I have struggled without looking at a physical dally newspaper, I have strictly used the internet. Of course I am out of my usual routine, which makes it easier.

I am thinking of using a “vacation stop” at home and see how I do without a physical newspaper during a regular period of a week or two. Of course, for at least the local paper, the cost of the physical paper is nominal, (in addition to the internet access), about $5 per month, so you may as well get the physical paper also.

Heading back today. The airport here is horrible, (at least for us) and while we don’t mind flying into it, we don’t like to fly out of it for several reasons.

First, the schedule back to home is so stupid, it has us flying to Denver and then back. (If we could stop in Denver for a day or so, that would be ok!).

Then, the really deciding factor is, you have to go thru security at the “gate” to the airline and there are no bathrooms etc. in the area after you go through security. To go to the bathroom, you have to go through security again! Doesn’t really make any sense.

Anyway, a “one way” car (for one day) is about the same cost as one ticket on the airplane (so we basically travel at half price) and it almost is the same time frame, except we have to drive of course. Self driving cars may affect the airlines, at least for short distances!

Also, it is nice to drive and be able to take your own time back. It provides some sense of a transition time from the trip back to reality.

Maybe I should say “routine”, since I don’t know what reality really is!

That’s it for now, Wednesday, September 28, 2016


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