2016 Fall September 30 Soda fd


52 degrees this morning, walk 36:15 minutes

Went ahead and exercised this bring in spite of a “cold” I seemed to pick up someplace. I used an old remedy, which seems to work for some such colds, and drink a lot of a gatorade type drink. It seems to work.

Walk this morning was good, although it was a little chilly. It felt good to walk and lift weights again.

I also used the “lemon treatment” (drinking a hot cup of lemon juice with a small amount of water) that I had used for coughing and that also seemed to help.

I have decided I need to get a good “password” program!. These is nothing worse than trying to remember the screen name and password for an account. Sometimes I feel like they change them, but of course I know no one would really do that although some of the things that happen, I don’t say anything is impossible!

What I really hate is when you get this demand to “change the password” or to “input your password” on a site where your username and password usually automatically populate.

Of course, they always manage to do that just when I am busy and want to get to the web site or business fast!

I really expect some time in the future we could have machines try to control use, either through Artificial Intelligence or some other means. Computers have already gotten very bossy.

I was surprised to get an invitation to attend an “Uber Workshop”, including presentations on how to use Uber I would have liked to attend, except I’m obviously not from that area. I don’t know if they have a class in this area or not, I need to check

I don’t know if it is the future of local transportation or not. It is certainly convenient and relatively inexpensive.

September 30, the year 2016 is 75% over, and it seems like it just started! Means we are on the “last quarter” of the year. I am ready for Spring and Summer already!

We are basically moved in, and have been for some time. There is a lot of little things, and I still need to clear out and organize my office. It is hard enough to dispose of personal items and every more so fro business items. I use the old files just enough that it tends to justify the “some day I’ll use it” thoughts.

Finishing listening to the book on Tesla. I was surprised I haven’t heard more of him. He did a lot of inventions. Like many inventors, etc. he seems to have led a very unique life. He apparently didn’t promote himself much, , others promoted themselves, frequently using his inventions .
Now, I select another book to listen to n he early morning. I always look forward select a new booked to listen to in the morning. Sometimes I am pleasantly surprise!

That’s it for now, Friday, September 30, 2016.


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