2016 Fall October 1 Saturday

61 degrees this morning, walk 35:29 minutes

Looking back, I am always surprised by how fast a conference goes. I probably started thinking about it almost a year ago, registered back in June, planned for it, read in detail about each session, pondered which session to go to etc.

Now it is history. The days of the conference go so fast. As I like to say, it is about like life, by the time you learn your way around, it is over!

Of course the highlight for me was the session where I was the “star” of the table as the example of what, regardless of what you say, concerns all City Managers, what it is like to no longer be a City Manager, especially if you are retired.

Of course, as frequently happens, another session happened to relate to that, the keynote speech about how “vampire decisions” make you an entirely new person and you can’t go back after you make a “vampire decision”.

The key to that is, when your decision is made you become a “new person” and you have no idea what this “new person” will be like once the decision is made.

Of course, along with that, if you don’t make the “vampire decisions” you will definitely be dissatisfied.

I guess the point it so research and ponder, but not too long!

I think that is a key to decision making. You can’t wait too long, but you also shouldn’t make “snap” decisions (at least vampire decisions) to avoid the pain of decision making, but you can’t ponder too long on making a decision, or you have made a decision since a “No decision” is also a decision!

What struck me as somewhat odd is that I read a summary “news story” of this season and the Keynote speaker (David Brooks) as part of the conference newsletter, and they didn’t even mention this aspect of his speech! They emphasized some other aspect that I didn’t even really think was all that relevant.

I guess that is why you go the speeches and decide for yourself rather than reading summaries!

Another concept I learned in one session is that there is no such thing as true “multi-tasking”, you only “jump” a lot. I tend to mostly agree with this

Of course, in another session, “multi-tasking” was discussed like it was common, expected and merely a pert of the job!

I have to agree that true “multi-tasking” is probably impossible, you just jump quickly between tasks.

Of course, that is why conferences are so important, they allow a wide variety of opinions and information to be presented and discussed.

I am trying to make sure I don’t forgot everything I learned at the conference that I have decided to either remember or incorporate into my life.

One thing I really want to emphasize if “mindfullness”, especially as it relates to being “aware” of every moment.

One concept that will help on my “GERD” is eating much slower and being “aware” of what I am eating instead of just mindlessly stuffing myself!

At the session, the instructor had us take an M & M (or raisin) and feel the texture, smell it, than just put in out mouth and get an idea of how it felt, than take a bite and experience that etc.

If I do that, I know I will eat a lot slower and probably enjoy my food much more!

That’s it for now, Saturday, October 1, 2016.


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