2016 Fall October 2 Sunday

63 degrees this morning, walk 36:29 minutes

Not sure how I did it, but I deleted my post right before I posted it. Since I do it completely as “stream of thought”, it is gone forever, not that it is a great loss as such!

I won’t try to redo it, I will just try to include whatever thoughts I may have had.

Finished the book on Telsa this morning, I learned a lot I didn’t know before. He was a very eccentric and brilliant invented.

The book included a psychological analysis of Telsa, including his fascination with feeding pigeons etc including having pigeons in his living areas. (He lived in hotels where he was also famous for not paying his hotel bill.)

The analysis was rather interesting.

I didn’t realize Telsa had developed some cult like followings, including his work on weapons and his theories on life on other planets.

One theory even was that Telsa was an alien, bought to earth to introduce electricity to the world!

The book does mention Telsa had developed a machine that could actually produce earthquake like results etc.

Trying to decide what to listen to next. It is an important decision since I have to live with the decision on my walk each morning for a month of two, depending on how long the book is

I recently found a book on using Algorithms in regular decision making, but I have so many other books on my “to be listened to” list, I won’t start it immediately.

Going to a 50th Wedding Anniversary next week will be like driving through my past, basically the areas I lived from 8th grade to my graduation from college. May bring back a lot of memories, but I expect things will have changed so much I won’t recognize them.

If I have time, I’d like to drive past the library I used so much from 8th grade through high school gradation.

Someone donated the money for a very nice library (in Russell, Kansas) and they had a wide variety of materials, a very nice library for a small town.

Of course, Kansas is a little different in that they are “independent” library district, which I think is the way all libraries should be organized. Too many people just don’t understand the importance of libraries.

Haven’t had a dream I wrote down for awhile.

Dream: Oct 1 Saturday

Dreamed I was applying for a job Took off on the journey to the interview and walked out and realized I only had a short sleeve shirt and pair of slacks with me. Not sure, but must have been in a motel.

Aliene and I started to drive to the interview and I realized didn’t know which city or even the name of the city or position I was interviewing for.

We drove into a mountainous area with a lot of lakes and a very tall grain elevator type of building.

I mentioned I didn’t know this state had areas like this.

Aliene told me to slow down, the roads were very step and curvy.

Then I woke up.

Before that I had some intensive dreams, but I can’t remember them.

That’s it for now, Sunday, October 2, 2016.


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