2016 Fall October 7 Friday

53 degrees the morning, no walk.

Posting of this journal over he next two days may be erratic,depending on a variety of factors.

Heavy rain etc. last night. Temperature was 80 degrees last night, 53 degrees this morning!

Ordered an “iWatch” last night. I decided I knew which one I wanted, and there was no use in waiting since they wouldn’t get any cheaper (at least in the next year or so) and any time I waited just shortens the time I will use the watch. A lot of money for basically what is a toy, but…..

I figure based on the monthly cost, it is less than the cost of a meal once a month by the time you figure the amount of time I will use it.

That used up almost all of the credit card “cash back” balance (or probably used up all of it, it is close) and now I will start “saving’ for an iPad Pro so hopefully I will have enough or at least a lot of it for when the new model comes out.

I noted that, as much as I like Starbucks, the way they build their coffee shop does not allow for what they have to know will be a long line at the “takeout” window. At least at three of them near here they create traffic hazards and block traffic from other businesses.

When I see that, I have to kind of wonder at their audacity to make all kinds of pronouncements on how to improve the world. I agree with a lot of it, but it seems like they could “improve the world” by not building coffee shops they know will create traffic hazards and block other businesses.

Starbucks is great at creating what economists call imposing “external costs” on others at the benefit of Starbucks. They create some very significant “external costs” it seems like they should correct that before they become so proud of their efforts at improving everyone else.

Also, I blame the planners who don’t require Starbucks to buy sufficient land for what they know will create a traffic problem, but Starbucks is primarily to blame and it is especially galling when you see that and then see the owner (or corporation anyway) try to tell everyone else how to act for the benefit of society. Again, not that I don’t agree, but it seems like they should spend the money on minimizing the traffic hazards of their coffee shops, which would actually “improve the world” for many commuters and nearby businesses.

Fixing the problem at their coffee shops probably wouldn’t cost more than some of their ads and do society a lot more good!

Taking today off as “annual leave”. All day yesterday seemed like Friday (which it was for me)! It is especially nice to be able to take a day of vacation and not have to really worry about anything coming up at work that I need to take care of!

I just read where Amazon “Prime” is going to have “unlimited” access to many current magazines, and many books (although a very limited selection). I really haven’t used my “prime” membership much (except as storage), since I order very little from Amazon.
I subscribe to “Texture” with has a wide selection of magazines, this may allow me to cancel that and basically pay for my Prime subscription.

I have embraced “e-magazines” much faster than I have “e-newspapers” or even “e-books” for that matter. I think I actually subscribe only to one magazine now, although I do receive Consumer Reports as part of my subscription.

I kind of wonder about our dependence on electricity and the internet for everything. It makes us vulnerable, although solar power generators could resolve some of that.

That’s it for now, Friday, October 7, 2016.


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