2016 Fall October 8 Saturday


39 degrees this morning. No walk.

Kind of a trip through my life yesterday as I went through the towns and territory where I lived and traveled from the 8th grade until I graduated from College.

Much actually looked the same, some not the same. I can think of only one business that I saw that still looked the same and had the same name (except for City Hall’s, churches etc.).

I drove by my beloved library (Russell, Kansas) where I hung out from the 8th through the 12th grade and it actually looked the same and seemed to be in good shape. I was very pleased to see that.

Actually I saw two businesses that were still in business, the “Bankers” clothing store and the “Dream” theatre. Probably several others if I had looked closer.

Main Street looked the same and was bustling, although it was Friday evening.

I don’t know who gave the money for the Russell Library, but they deserve all the praise and acclaim they have received. I can’t think of a better gift to the community. Must better than a sports stadium.

I am amazed at the number of “wind turbines”. I think they are a sign of government incentives gone crazy, at least the state I live in. Another case of the influence of lobbyists over common sense and the public good for the benefit of the few.

I really expect in a few years (when the incentives and “tax benefits” run out), there will be a large number of turbine wind generators the government will need to remove that aren’t in operation and are a public nuisance.

To me that isn’t “government at work”, that is “big money lobbyists” at work.

Most of the “government” workers I know really care about their jobs and do a good job.

When I was taking the Uber cars at the conference, I accidentally signed up to be a driver (at least the first step). I was amazed I have been inundated with continuous e-mails to “finish up my application” and start driving. (Basically provide my car type.)

Attending a Wedding Anniversary today. Hard to believe so much time has passed so fast. I was a Sophomore in college when they got married.

One of the more strange events I remember when I drove through a town I lived in in high school was the sight an old filling station (now out of business but the building was still there). A experimental Chrysler “Turbine car” had been parked there for several, for whatever reason. We jimmied the hood and looked at the engine.

Apparently the experiment was not successful since I don’t believe any were ever actually sold.

I think what really highlights (maybe the wrong word) the passage of time is when I see what I think is an “older” man or woman and I wonder if I went to school with them! I’ll never know, although the thought really makes me realize how much time has passed.

Looking forward to a day of meeting many people and places I haven’t seen for a long time.

i was surprised to note that this blog just went over 1500 entries. My first blog was March 15, 2015. I didn’t check when I started “daily” blogs, but I know it has been since at least early 2013.

That’s it of now, Saturday, October 8, 2016.


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