2016 Fall October 10 Monday

63 degrees this morning. Walk 35:45 minutes.

Just saw a quote by Michelangelo to the effect “I saw an angel in the stone and carved until I set it free”.

I assume this is “positive thinking” to some degree (with one heck of a lot of talent and skill).

However, when I think about it, he would need to envision it before he could carve it. I don’t know the thinking that goes into such a project, but when I think about it, he would almost have to be guided by some plan, and what better plan than in the mind?

I wonder if authors proceed on the same basis, “I saw a story and wrote it”. I don’t believe so, although everyone is different.

Just had a discussion on this over the weekend, on authors who write books with basically the same plot, only the names and situation changes a little, and even then not usually for the main character.

We were discussing reading literature (or fiction anyway) and I mentioned how I got tired of the violent plots where I basically know the story before I read the book. I had quit reading many of the more popular (or not so popular books) in this genre.

However, there are many books (such as by Tony Hillerman) with basically the same plot who are able to keep basically the same plot interesting with excellent writing and variety in the thoughts of the characters and observations.

Of course, there is also the authors (such as Stephan King) who will have one novel I love and can’t put down and the next one I can’t even read it is so boring.

I think some authors do write more or less on a template plot while others let the characters and plot determine the story.

On the other hand, I assume there are authors who also envision a story and then simply “carve it out” so to speak.

I don’t know enough about art to speculate on how art is planned or envisioned. It seems like a picture would basically be decided as it is painted, but it could be the painter envisions the painting and paints the thought, so to speak.

I think I tend to “write with the flow”, where the major part of what I am written could change as the words flow on the page. Of course, it depends on what I am writing.

This journal definitely is almost never written with any thought or goal in mind, whereas something else I write may be written with a specific goal in mind.

I assume a painting or sculpture could be the same thing, you could either “go with the flow” or envision a plan and then create your plan!
I think it boils down to everyone dos it different, and there is really no right or wrong way to create something, it depends on the individual and what you are creating.

In addition to the quote about Michelangelo I saw, I think my thoughts today also reflect the drive back yesterday.

We drove though Lucas, Kansas and the “Garden of Eden”, but also there is a bunch of other art in the area, including the downtown public restrooms! I should have tried to go in (the outside was certainly interesting) but didn’t.

The regret of lost opportunity!

That’s it for now, Monday, October 10, 2016.


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