2016 Fall October 11 Tuesday


Listening to the “Classics in American Literature”, I am reminded of not only the authors I read, I also am reminded of the ones I haven’t or did’t read.

I never really thought of Emerson and Thoreau as being American Literature, but of course they are, and, in fact, set the basis for much of the future American Literature.

I never read much of either one of them, and quite frankly, never will. However, I am glad I am listening to their ideas and concepts.

One quote from Emerson reflects my thinking, something to the effect of “A person predicts the future, remembers the past, but has a problem living in the present” .

Perhaps more important is his quote “with the past, I have nothing to do; nor with the future. I live now”

On the other hand, I think “mindfulness” considers the past and future, but recognizes the importance of the present.

I have (on a more or less basis currently) practiced “mindfulness” after the conference, which I consider to be aware of the present, but also recognizing the importance of the past and future.

One thing I did find out is that Thoreau was the first “environmentalist” . I probably knew that in general, but never really realized that he was an “environmentalist” in at time when the term was not even a term yet.

I needed a “word of the day” for my Toastmasters club and I picked a word which was a “new” world.

I was surprised at how many “new words” there are (and how old some of the new words are!).

However, when I really think about it, I can probably make ddde a list of new words that have been new” just within the past few years.

I have tried to avoid saying anything about Samsung, other than a certain smug feeling about never buying Samsung products! I have heard they are having problems with their wishing machine bursting into flames, just like their cell phones do.

I’m not sure what is in a washing machine that could burst into flame, but it sounds like they need to take more time for research etc.

On the other hand, what do you expect from a company that allows children to die from using chemicals in the manufacturing process and then don’t take any responsibility fro it.

I was rather shocked by it when I read the story and I still am, it almost sounds like some of the uncaring attitude still is tolerated.
If Samsung was a country, they would probably face “sanctions” for the way they treat or at least least have treated their employees.

Getting back into the daily routine. As they say, it is nice to get away, but it is also nice to come home.

That’s it of now, Tuesday, October 11, 2016.


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