2016 Fall October 12 Wednesday

70 degrees this morning, walk 35:35 minutes

70 degrees isn’t as warm as it sounds1 I found that out in my morning walk when the cold wind bit through my lightly clothed body! The wind makes a huge difference in the perceived temperature!

Listening to the “American Literature” book, I realized that Thoreau was a true minimalist! He is quotes as saying he refused a mat because he didn’t have the space for it nor the time or inclination to shake it out!

Thinking about “things” that you don’t need. While at a gut level I agree with the “minimalist” approach somewhat, like anything, “balance” also seems more important.

While I can still (in spite of 2.5 years of intensive “throwing” and giving away “stuff”) find many items I don’t need, I have been active in not buying “stuff” that I need to take care of.

As I realized some years ago, “stuff” can own you rather than you owning it, no matter what it is. If I have to take care of it, it better had provide a service to me which is a lot more valuable than the time and trouble it takes to take care of it!

It kind of goes back to a speaker I heard years ago when “laptops” with limited features (basically word processing and spreadsheets) were selling at $750 (this is in the early 80’s) and were obsolete in six months. He pointed out that if you got over $750 in value from it in six months, it was a good deal!

I think the same about “things”. If I get value from it that exceeds the initial cost and maintenance cost, go for it (if you truly want it). When it is time that it’s maintenance costs exceed their value to you, get rid of them.

I believe I need to apply that standard to shoes (and yes, probably all of my beloved old electronics such as iPods, iPhones etc. that are basically obsolete), books, briefcases, t shirts, hats etc. Get rid of them when their maintenance cost exceed the value to me.

Probably my “hats” are a good example. If I no longer use a hat (you can substitute almost anything else here), it no longer has a value and I should get rid of it

As someone mentioned to me about books once (and it really helped me donate most of my books), I can always replace them if their value is enough that I want one again.

Of course, the problem with hats and t-shirts (especially “event” and “place” t-shirts etc.) is that usually you actually can’t replace them! Better to take a picture of it and toss it anyway, if it is time for the item to be disposed of.

I have a tendency to keep items that “may” be useful “sometime”, “sometime” being the operative word.

In some cases, such as clothes and office supplies, it actually has worked out, but that is an unusual case and it really wouldn’t have cost all that much to buy the clothes and office supplies I needed!

Of course, the problem with donating or throwing anything is that once you do it is is gone. Otherwise there is always the thought that you can always get rid of it!

That’s it for now, Wednesday, October 12, 2016.


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