2016 Fall October 14 Friday

53 degrees this morning, walk 35:55 minutes

At 70 degrees I dressed too light, at 53 degrees, I over dressed! As time goes on, I will learn what is needed!

I love what Jim Cramer (Mad Money) says about the Samsung Note 7-If you see something (a Note 7), say something! He generally refers to it (my interpretation) as the “terrorist” cell phone that breaks into flame.

I am puzzled as to how such a defect actually got into production, but then we are talking about a company that let young employees die from cancer from handling the dangerous materials in making the phones and then didn’t help them.

In a way, I can understand how they may not have realized the potential dangerous materials, but not helping the employees (when they knew the materials were at fault) was simply inhuman. I don’t know if the same people are there are not, hopefully they have all new leadership which is more human.

In any event, I wouldn’t buy a Samsung product (tv, phone, computer, whatever) just because of my bad experience with any Samsung product I have ever had, much less, the horrible way they treated (mistreated) their employees.

Listening to the “American Literature” ‘Great Course”. They are still on Thoreau etc. I can understand his concepts, but it will be very unlikely if I ever read any of his writings.

The lecturer made an interesting point about “Walden Pond”. Today “Walden Pond” is surrounded by the noise of hot dog stands, hamburger joints, tourist souvenir places etc. and is littered with pop bottles, beer cans, wrappers etc. that people throw as they celebrate the pristine “Walden Pond” as Thoreau found it.

Of course, it is ironic that Thoreau’s writing about it led to it’s destruction as a pristine place, since they are visiting it because of his writing about it.

Kind of like building a casino at Gettysburg, some things just shouldn’t happen, at least in my opinion.

Looking forward to a weekend without a lot to do, although I am sure it will be busy.

It is strange how busy I feel I am, although part of it could be just doing to much of what I shouldn’t be doing and not enough of what I should be doing! Although I don’t know what that would be.

I can never figure out where time goes in he early morning (before I start work). It just seems like time flies.

I have been reading about how much the “smart phone” is taking the place of other computers etc.
I just read that over 50% of all banking activity now takes place on the smart phone. That is more than any other banking including using a teller, ATM’s, computers etc.

That is amazing when you think about it.

I think I truly became aware of the overwhelming influence of the smart phone when several years ago I noticed almost all homeless people had a smartphone. Obviously, I think that is good (for their protection).

In addition, a lot of the people I meet use their smart phone for everything and don’t have a computer at all. The “smartphone” was a true cultural and business revolution.

That’s it for now, Friday, October 14, 2016.


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