2016 Fall October 15 Saturday


66 degrees this morning. Walk 35:40 minutes (estimated, forgot to stop stopwatch)

66 degrees is kind of neither warm nor cold, but it was actually nice this morning, although I was prepared for the coolness. Anyway, I’ll never be prepared for it, but I will dress for it!

Glad the weekend is here. I have literally had something every day and night since last Friday and I am ready for a short break!

Listening to lectures on Edgar Allen Poe on the American Literature.

I remember him best from the “Telltale Heart”. I read it many times when I was a child. It was a story in one of the literature books I read so much.

It still runs a chill down my back to think of it

Poe actually became famous for “The Raven” and developed from there. Although the lectures haven’t mentioned it, I understand he wrote the first “mystery”.

Of course I also remember “The Bells”, the “Raven” and, I believe, “the Pit and the Pendulum”, although I never really understood the “Pit and the Pendulum” until I was older.

I read a review of a “robot” which does things like putting up blocks and knocking them down, playing games with you etc. I have to admit I wondered about the reviewer making such a glowing review of a $180 device that basically does nothing but bother you. (if you don’t do anything with it for a while, it will come over and try to get your attention. Who needs that?)

I think the robot is on my list of things that basically “own” you, since it could literally take up hours of your time for no reason.

It is strange how I keep thinking I should have a lot of time, but I really don’t I guess activities expand to fill the time available.

I keep thinking I should be able to catch up on my “to do” list and my “to read” list. Instead it seems like my lists get longer!

My lists seem to get longer even as I make a conscious effort to do less or at least set priorities.

Not that I mind, I like being busy. However, it seems that all of my time suddenly becomes filled up.

Part of it is evening activities (Toastmasters, the Citizen Police Academy etc.), but that isn’t all of it. I think also my expectations of what I can accomplish keep rising, or at least the things I think I want to accomplish keep rising.

I think “expectations” are a major factor, and perhaps “managing expectations” is one of the measures of effectiveness both in your personal life and otherwise.
Perhaps “managing expectations” (so they don’t get unrealistic or are too low) is a major component of success both in your personal life and in your professional life.

Promising more than is possible is a major problem, on the other hand, if you don’t dream of things that may not be possible, you won’t achieve a lot either! I believe there is a fine line somewhere on this, perhaps experience and intuition both play a role in deciding what is best.

I plan on enjoying the weekend. Perhaps what is best is the lack of structure on a weekend.

That’s it for now, Saturday, October 15, 2016.


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